RANT! Comments about Okie – sent to Mr. IQD’s Mail Bag!

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We decided to republish Soaware’s Rant and Comments since we felt they were, well, read for yourself….


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Comment: This is the most sensible thing i have seen, and explains my mistrust of all I have read over the last several months that just never seemed to find a place to land.

“Okie is still buzzing around out there and it amazes me how he has not fun out of fuel!”

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CBI Gov. Turki: The World Bank did not Intervene Reform Measures

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Published on Thursday, 13 January 1 / December 2012 19:40
BAGHDAD / obelisk: central bank governor denied agency, Thursday, said the World Bank may intervene in the Iraqi political, financial, or the imposition of any conditions on the Bank’s measures to maintain the stability of the Iraqi currency.

Interim CBI Governor Abdul Basit Turki

Interim CBI Governor Abdul Basit Turki

Said Abdul Basit Turki for “obelisk”, on the sidelines of a regular meeting with the World Bank in the Jordanian capital Amman, said that “the World Bank said that what he is doing CBI conduct proper to maintain the stability of its currency.”

Turki added that “discussions with the World Bank addressed the issue of Continue reading

Kaperoni weighs in on LOP and Dr. Bekri paper from cXc Forum

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Kaperoni weighs in on LOP and Dr. Bekri paper from cXc Forum emailed to us

Ok, I weigh in…lol

Over the years, there has been several Iraqi Economists, or Parliament or from the CBI directly that have confirmed the plan. The very plan that Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Fadel wrote in 2006. These comments over the past 5 years have never wavered from this original plan therefore I can say with certainty, the plan has not changed. Now what is this plan?

The plan is a re-denomination of sorts if you want to call it that. It is the transition from a larger set of currency notes (3 zeros) to a new set of smaller denominations such as a 1, 5, 10 dinar etc. This is the definition of sorts of a re-denomination. There is a twist though….This is not something that one article can explain, but several over the years assembled to create the clear picture. That being said, there are individual articles from these prominent people that support this theory. From Dr. Fadel himself, to Dr. Bakri. Many think that when they do this transition, they will LOP or change the value of these larger notes. They are not. They are honoring them at full face value. Hence this is a Revaluation as well.
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