Dinar Douchebags Website Link

We just wanted to give you the direct link to our buddies over at Dinar Douchebags.

  LINK:  http://dinardouchebags.blogspot.com/

Sorry for the delay guys, we should have done it sooner! 

We love your hard work to help combat those Hack Gurus that are intentionally misleading our friends in the Dinar Community.

~ Mr. IQD

F.Y.I. The “ABOUT Mr. IQD” Page Was Just Updated With This Notice…

Happy Superbowl Sunday Dinarians,

We received a private email last night that brought to our attention a matter which we felt should be clarified about our “No Advertising / No Compensation” Policy.

The below excerpt from our page was just added to explain our position on this question, as well as the comment from the reader who rose this question to us in his/her private email.  We just want to thank him/her for bringing this up, and we wanted you to know we “heard you”.  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

MrIQD.com is 100% FREE (Well Almost) – When we first started the MrIQD.com website nearly a year ago, we hosted it on our servers and paid for the bandwidth.  Since we don’t endorse Dinar Brokers or take any kind of outside revenue, or donations to pay the bills, the bandwidth was getting to be a bit of a monthly burden to pay for, especially lately as our popularity has exploded over the past few months, receiving thousands of new viewers each month, with tens of thousands of Continue reading

Hammerman has lost his friggin mind!!! He Said: "IF YOU BUY DINAR, IT WILL NOT NOT NOT RV"

HAT TIP:  A Friend’s Email

Hammerman has lost his friggin mind!!!  Breaking News!!!???  Is he kidding???

The only thing that broke was Hammerman’s sense of moral decency!

NOTICE:  Whenever one of these Hack “Gurus” like Hammerman (or Okie Oil Man, JohnnyWG, et al…) call for the IQD to RV, the ONLY thing you need to do is go directly to www.CBI.iq  this is the OFFICIAL WEBSITE FOR THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ!

~ Mr.IQD

[6:26:36 PM] –       M: 3:15 PM hammerman: [[[[]]] BREAKING NEWS [[[]]]] POST COMING ,,, GIVE ME TEN MIN
FAST 5 MINUTE CALL NOW 530-881-1300 PIN 240662#
[6:29:37 PM] –       M: Keep it looooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwkey
[6:34:03 PM] –       M: 3 of 4 majors have live rate. ALL SHOULD BE OVER BY 9 AM EDT TOMORROW
[6:34:54 PM] –       M: ust had met with China today they also had another country there I cannot expose.. I gotta be very cryptic.. I have been warned I ahve to watch what I tell you all.. I havent been silenced.. I’ve been warned. these people have met .. the rate was 100% finalized.. I cannot disclose.. they discussed all that.. they got everything finalized they got everyt hing pushed through.. forex is.. um.. (?) all big 4 banks are expecting this as we’re on this phone call.. between 4 and 6 cst time.. just hang up with the bankers.. they said the time frame could be a bit thrown off .. it looks like we’re right on top of this.. is this rumor ? could it be (?) yes.. please dont .. dont please. .do not go buy thousands of dinar.. if the dinar sales spike this will spike it.. we were warned if the sub sales of anything goes up it’s false.. these people arent playing this time.. we are in a very good place .. I am happy , I am really stressed.. I am stressed but I am happy.. just trying to keep everybody in a good mirror.. 3 of the big 4 have the rate at all regional levels.. dont call.. dont callt he banks. you cannot find this information out.. if you call the banks this can stop it.. listen to what you have cause I did not have to do this public service call.. I got this yesterday.. I didnt say it on purpose on the call last night.. if it happens you all will know I’ll do anoher
[6:35:57 PM] –       M: CALL RECORDED # 530-881-1399 PIN 240662#
[6:39:48 PM | Edited 6:47:00 PM] –       M: Hammerman Fast Call Playback 530-881-1399 pin 240662# https://www.freeconferencing.com/playback_ow.html?cid=conferences/99113-17-65-6799-37-102-17-65-6764-17-65-6746-17-65-674921-17-65-6788-17-65-67.mp3&e=1338436800000&cn=94-43-28-63&option=private