UPDATE 07/14/2012 — KAPERONI – LOOKS LIKE HE IS FLYING "SOLO" – DID Professor Steve tell him to get lost???

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UPDATE: JULY 14, 2012 —

We had the chance to listen in on most of the Dinar Alert call and we were happy to hear that Steve and Russell were on the call with Kaperoni.

So, Kap did not “fly solo” as we thought he might!  And we were VERY GLAD to hear both Steve and Russell on the call last night – they did an EXCELLENT job with Kap.

We hope that Dinar Alert keeps this trio, as we feel that as a set they produce a high quality call, that is level headed and balanced.

With that said, we are happy to remove the Dinar Alert Call from “probation” and back to full status!  We just want to encourage you to listen if and only if Steve or Russell are on the call with Kap.

And since we are critiquing, what the heck, may we also say or request that you PLEASE START ON TIME out of respect for all of us, your listeners!  And also please consider changing up your 15-20 minute intro/monologue by Kap only is very “monotone” and difficult to listen to!

Kap, we feel you can do your legal disclaimer / history intro in a quick 5 minutes and then GET TO THE GOOD & JUICY NEWS AND STUFF!!!  LOL!!!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD



Okay, we posted last week asking the question about Kaperoni….  Was he a Hack Guru, or Just Drunk (see Post)???

Well, surprise surprise, today we received an email saying that DinarAlert was doing a Conference Call Tonight (July 9) with KAPERONI “ONLY”.

We quote from his email:

“DinarAlert is excited to have another Conference Call…Monday, July 9th @ 8pm CST hosted by Kaperoni.  [Yup, no mention of Professor Steve… Maybe he will show up – we will find out]

This call will be an informative look at Iraq. Kap will also toss in a few stories from a two-tour US Marine he recently met and shared his perspective about Iraq. Everything from the political issues, to the dinar investment will be talked about. A general Q & A will follow.”  [Yup, still no mention of Professor Steve… ]

Well, that sounds pretty usual.  Well, its up to you if you want to listen to Kap, maybe he will apologize and give us a good explanation as to his irresponsible call and behavior to the Dinarian Community last week – maybe you need to ask him about this and where in the heck was his “RV” that he did that emergency call….

Oh, and if you didn’t get a chance to listen in to his “unrecorded call” last week – well, one of our friends and contributors happened to get his hands on a recording (see Post) of it that someone did.

Well, we will see what happens tonight – we still have Kaperoni on “probation” so we are not yet ready to demote him to “Hack Guru” status like we had to with WangDang.

We will see, but in our opinion, why in the heck would you spend any money on his website?  Especially for a Dinar Alert when you can just go to www.CBI.iq for FREE or stay on MrIQD’s Twitter.com/MrIQD feed – we will certainly post an RV Alert as soon as we are able to 100% verify the revaluation of the IQD on the www.CBI.iq website.  Nobody will know about it sooner than the CBI and Dr. Shabibi – so, don’t pay anyone for this service!

UPDATE – WangDang Demoted to "Hack Guru" Status!!!! WangDang What On Earth Were You Thinking Saying That!!!

UPDATE: June 25, 2012 – We as of yet have not received any retraction or explaination from WangDang regarding his recent conference call (about 10 days ago) when he whipped up many Dinarians with old and outdated news articles that he used as “new” articles, basing his speculation that the RV was really “close”, maybe even that coming weekend!

Since we have not been given any retraction or apology to the Dinarian Community, we have chosen to demote WangDang down to “Hack Guru” status, and have removed him from our list of reliable Conference Call providers.

~ Mr. IQD

We really like WangDang and his normally even-minded analysis, however, today with a very heavy heart we must point out some flaws in WangDang’s current analysis of the news and his Conference Call from yesterday, June 14th. 

You can listen to the replay of his call if you wish to know what we are talking about.  (530) 881-1399 PIN# 111646

We feel it is NOT FAIR to get people’s hopes up by saying that it will happen in the next few days – we strongly wish it would, don’t get us wrong, however the indications are that we quite easily could be waiting until July (see our “Hurry Up & Wait” Article).

WangDang is basing his opinion that we will see a significant increase in value (or even a RV) within the next few days!!!  His opinion is based on two very flawed articles which we will refute below with our facts.


ARTICLE 1:   Urgent, urgent … Maliki agrees to implement the Convention on the abolition of the requirement of Arbil confidence!!

14/06/2012 14:17

Said President Jalal Talabani on Thursday that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and the list of National Alliance officially told him to prepare for the implementation of previous agreements, including the “Letter of Arbil,” except where stated on the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the government.
A statement issued by his office received a copy of it for Talabani as saying that “paper presented to the meeting of Irbil in 28/4 included nine items, including a proposed withdrawal of confidence,” explaining that “the proposal was directing the paper to the National Alliance, and not to the House of Representatives, in the absence of to deal with them so they can be a positive display the subject of withdrawal of confidence. “
The statement continued, “The authors of the paper suggested that the notice will be given one month to respond to (…) and after discussion it was agreed over a period of two weeks.”
The statement said that “President Talabani received official notifications from the National Alliance and the Prime Minister to prepare for the respect and implementation of previous agreements and taking into account the paragraphs in (a Arbil), except paragraph no confidence.”
The leader of the Iraqi List, Iyad Allawi has said earlier that the issue of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister was a proposal from the President of the Republic of Iraq, which he denied the presidential statement, which promise “contrary to fact and reality.”
SOURCE = http://www.qeraat.org/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=3726

Notice this is posted from “qeraat.org” which according to the WhoIS Database is a website started on November 15, 2011 and is based in the United Kingdom, not Iraq!!! https://who.securepaynet.net/whois.aspx?domain=qeraat.org&prog_id=GoDaddy

This is the only “Source” for this article that we have currently found – no Iraqi BASED, legitimate News source has printed this as of yet! 

If you find one, please let us know.  So, why would you trust a news source BASED IN THE UK and is just over 7 months old???  Especially when they are the ONLY news source publishing this information???

UPDATE:  One of our readers just sent us an email pointing out that qeraat.org is the same source that said Allawi was in the hospital on June 8th – and he was clearly at meetings that day! 

Not an accurate or reliable news source!  Thanks for the extra tip reader 🙂


ARTICLE 2:  Smart Card Payment System Launched in Iraq
Thursday 14th June 2012

Johannesburg, South Africa-based Net1 UEPS Technologies has launched a smart card payment system in Iraq. Net1 has developed a platform for unbanked consumers called the Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS).
Consumers are issued with biometric UEPS smart cards, so that they can have welfare payments and other fund transfers loaded onto their cards. They can then use the cards for purchases at POS terminals, authenticating themselves either with a PIN or at a fingerprint reader.
Net1 says that the first Iraqi UEPS transaction was performed on August 3, 2008, in Baghdad, during the launch of the UEPS smart card technology with two Iraqi state banks, Rafidain Bank and Rasheed Bank.
The launch, which was attended by executives from Rafidain Bank, Rasheed Bank, the Iraqi government, the War Victim Ministry and the Martyrdom Ministry, demonstrated smart card registration; biometric enrolment and issuing of UEPS cards; offline loading of wage payments and government grants to the UEPS cards; and dispensing of cash.
A pilot project involving 100,000 beneficiaries is now ready for implementation across selected Iraqi bank branches, Net1 says. The pilot will enable the distribution and payment of government grants to war victims and martyrdom beneficiaries, as well as salary and wage distribution and payment to employees of the two state banks.
Net1 has already launched its UEPS system in South Africa and Ghana

When we looked at the url ID# (“id=6436) we noted that from the home page of this website the current news links are “id=7430” (although listed in a new format) – a thousand higher than “6436”!

We did a very simple Google Search and quickly searched back as far as to August 29, 2008 —  LINK:  http://www.wired.com/beyond_the_beyond/2008/08/electronic-paym/

Yes, this EXACT ARTICLE + MORE was posted on Aug 29, 2008 by WIRED.com!!!

WangDang, why didn’t you just do a very simple Google Search to validate this? 

We really like you and still don’t consider you a “hack guru” like those scum created by Beth Ogle like Okie, Bulldog75 and other hacks like JonnyWG – but this is a pretty serious gaff on your part. 

We really hope you retract your bold statements made last night, using an opportunity to do so on your Saturday Morning Call – it would be the responsible thing to do….  Right?

~ Mr. IQD


Hurry Up and Wait — Current Situation with the RV + Analysis by MrIQD

UPDATE: July 2, 2012 –  Hello hello!  Well, as we said in this original post, we would not be surprised if Maliki would figure out a way to drag this out to early or mid July or beyond.  And, here we are now in to early July!

Are we “happy” it has not RV’d yet – heck NO, we would LOVE for it to have happened already by now!  We must remember that it won’t happen just because some hack guru says it will – this is a major event which depends on many small events to happen first! 

Do we feel we are “close” – yes, based on the events that are reported in legitimate Iraqi news sources, as well as legitimate International news services like Reuters, Wall Street Journal and others. 

Are we willing to buy a “reserve” based on our feelings – absolutely NO!!!  We don’t feel purchasing a “reserve” is ever a good idea.  If you feel you want more IQD, that is for only you to decide when you are ready, just keep in mind that we recommend you just purchase only what you can afford, if any at all!  🙂

The important thing we wish for you to remember is to stay away from hack gurus and their garbage of calling the RV every other week…

Well, in fact, as our new Category segment “This Day In RV History” illustrates bluntly, we feature hack gurus and THEIR WORDS, calling the RV…. But, a full YEAR AGO!!!  So, PLEASE TAKE A STAND, AND PLEASE STOP SUPPORTING THEM, DON’T GO TO THEIR WEBSITES, DON’T CLICK THEIR BANNER ADS, DON’T BUY THEIR CRAP!!!

UPDATE: June 25, 2012 –  Continue reading




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