BREAKING NEWS: Barazani back in Erbil – Now can we get on with it???

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We saw a report the other day that Barazani was back in Erbil, but this article is affirming that Barazani had stayed in Turkey to meet with Hashimi.

Regardless, lets hope that now Papa Talibani will get his “boys” together in the same room and let them have at it and work out all this political crap that has been escalating lately!

We should be watching for news coming out either this weekend (hopefully) or at least next week that Talibani has gotten Maliki, Allawi, Barazani together!  If we see this and the news ends up being a positive consensus of agreement, then folks, perhaps the chance for us seeing the RV soon…..  Will be greatly improved!!!  😉

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Barazani back in Erbil20/04/2012 23:10:00Baghdad (NINA) – Head of Kurdistan region, Massoud Barazani, returned on Friday evening, Apr. 20, to Erbil ending a foreign tour that took him to Bulgaria, the United States, Hungary and Turkey.Barazani began his tour on Mar. 27, by visiting Bulgaria, then he went to the United States, followed by visiting Hungary and he ended his tour by visiting Turkey.

During his tour, Barazani met those countries’ top official, discussing Iraq’s political events as well as the area and the region’s relations with them.

During his visit to Turkey, Barazani met in Istanbul with Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi. / End.

Hashemi's office threatening to reveal soon "the names and ranks of those involved in torturing.

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4/12/2012 :: Baghdad/ NINA /–Office of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, demanded the creating of appropriate conditions for defending of Hashemi and his detained bodyguards.

A statement by the temporary office said today: “Denial of practicing of torture is not justified with the imminent issuance of judicial sentences against the detained bodyguards that may coast their lives or liberty without allowing defending them professionally, according to the legitimate right.

The statement went on : “The lawyers for the defendants are prevented from meeting with the defendants or getting access to the investigative or award of the fact of the charges against them. Stressing that lawyer insist to request moving the trail outside of Baghdad to achieve justice and transparency which missed in Baghdad, for the purpose of avoiding the issuance of an unfair judicial sentences.

Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi recently revealed the death of one of his bodyguards after torture in detention in one of the secret prisons for three months..

Temporary Hashemi office announced last Tuesday the death of two other members of the protection of Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi, a result of torture, “. / End