Tony TNT Renfrow gets BLASTED by the BBC!!!

Happy President’s Day Dinarians!

I hope you all had a really good Valentine’s Weekend.

Now, for some Humor….  It looks like the BBC “Blasted” our favorite Hack Guru!!!  Well, I guess finally respectable organizations are beginning to “bash” Hack Gurus like I have for nearly 2 years!  Welcome to the party friends!  🙂

BBC Trending

And for the sheeple who continue to believe in Tony TNT despite all of the obvious lies he continuously spews out from his filthy mouth – I’m sorry, there is really no hope for you now if you chose not to listen to the BBC, I can understand not believing me, and others in our Dinar Community – but when the BBC takes the time to warn you and you ignore them, then you really are hopeless!

Here is the BBC article and source link… Enjoy!

#BBCtrending: #Wearethepeople and the ‘fraudulent’ dinar ruse

A BBC Trending investigation has found that one of the biggest trends on Twitter in the US – #wearethepeople – involves claims about the Iraqi dinar which the International Monetary Fund has called “completely Continue reading

RANT! Southern Shaker “shakes” his finger at Mr. IQD!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Sorry to have not been posting as much lately, but between the holidays, new year and the flu, I’ve been a bit “out of it”.  Besides, the IQD didn’t “RV” or significantly increase in value, and you can bet I keep my eyes on the website for that event.  


So, there was not much to talk about, but then not long ago I made a post in response to a Mail Bag question I had received.

In that post I was trying to illustrate a point to the person whom I was responding to.  I was trying to make a point about not spending your hard earned money on IQD if you have other responsibilities which are more pressing, such as food, rent/mortgage, car payment, savings, etc.  I was trying to get across that you should NEVER spend money you cannot afford.  Here is the direct quote from that Post which got Southern Shaker all riled up:

I only own as much as I can afford to lose.

Perhaps I’m gambling? But in essence I see the IQD as “throw-a-way” money! This is the same money I would blow spending a few careless weekends in Las Vegas.

I used the flippant term “throw-a-way money” and my buddy Southern Shaker took issue with it, and wrote the following Rant! about yours truly “Mr. IQD” – geeze, I never thought I would publish a rant about myself…  Enjoy!

Comment (please see note above): Hey MRIQD, Southern Shaker here!!! How’s it been going Buddy!! I was reading the post SHOULD I SELL MY DINAR. I have a serious question (believe it or not). Would someone explain to me what “THROW AWAY CASH” is??? I’m what I consider very well off in today’s world but for the life of me I don’t know what “THROW AWAY CASH” is.

Then I think of someone saying “JUST IN CASE” there is a revaluation of Continue reading

TONY TNT RENFROW’S own Words over the years!!!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians (and haters of Mr. IQD),

Mail-BagOne of our friends, “Brad” in our Dinar Community has sent the following to our Mail Bag.

In short, he has painstakingly SUPER-SIZED our “This Day in RV History” feature by collecting dozens of Quotes by Tony TNT Renfrow going all the way back to 2011.  Brad starts the Tony TNT quotes with the more recent ones, and then works backwards!  Friends, be sure to get your motion-sickness vomit bags ready!!!  

A list for your readers of the past few years of Tony, and how many times he has called it and called it and called it….the hits just keep on a comin’
12-29-13 Good morning TNT……I received plenty of good news yesterday and earlier this morning.  So let me share some of it with you Rates should show live in the US on Monday, they are high and would remain high for XX xxxx, then start down.
12-27-2013   Intel Guru TNT TonyOne of the biggest issues is the bonds are supposed to go live tomorrow in Iraq.   No one knows how they can do that if they don’t have a public live rate?  It’s illegal to sell if they aren’t public.   Some countries yesterday had on their TV that Global Currency Reset will happen today.  India is putting it out and more countries will do the same.  (Add India to the countries that it’s currently live in from Dec. 18’s post)
12-23-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony  … and last night it was suppose to go live, may be live right now, but not announced yet.  They can do it at anytime, including Christmas day!
12-21-2013   Intel Guru TNT TonyIT’S GOING DOWN…Meeting in Washington turned out to be in our favor.  Rate is starting at Continue reading

HOT!!! An “Open Letter” Posted (then Removed) on Tony TNT’s Forum!

Happy Thursday Dinarians!

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Well well well….  LOOK at what I just found in my mail bag!

This is an inflammatory “open letter” to Tony TNT Renfrow which basically calls him out for all of his lies and propaganda!

Needless to say, this letter was taken down by one of Tony’s “robot” site Mods, but before that person took it down, an anonymous member who is a fan of our website managed to copy and paste it, then sent it over to us.  



TONY, WE LISTEN TO YOUR Continue reading

VIDEO: Tony TNT Renfrow gives HIS secrets of HIS success in MLM.

Happy late Monday Dinarians!

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"

Screen Shot taken from his MLM Success Video!

I do have a question, why did he post it up on MySpace instead of YouTUBE?  

I can’t find the original upload date of Tony’s 2 videos – so, maybe these were put up wayyyyyyyyyyyy back when MySpace was still considered “cool”?  LOL!!!

Well, anyways, here are the links to part one and Continue reading

Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT forwarded to me by Kaperoni

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Well, I was going to hold off on posting today, since most of you seem to disappear in to the weekend a day early and don’t read the articles nearly as much.

However, I feel that since most of you would just LOVE to read some Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT Renfrow – I didn’t want to make you’all wait until Monday.  Besides, didn’t he say it “RV’d” again last night, or today, or was that Wednesday, or….  Oh, heck I can’t even keep track of his rhetoric anymore.  

But, this letter written by an Attorney which was forwarded to me by our old friend Kaperoni sheds some new light and perspective on the Tony TNT Renfrow pending lawsuit.  I should mention this “intel” (yes, pun intended) is received 2nd hand, so its accuracy cannot, and has not, been verified, so please take it as “gossup” and not as 100% accurate fact regarding Tony’s legal case – no doubt TNT will deny the entire thing.

I did personally contact Kaperoni to verify that it was indeed him sending me this Attorney’s information, and not a joker just messing with me.  Kap did verify to me that he was the person who sent me this Attorney’s “intel” on TNT – he has consented to allow me to republish it here for you all, but wants me to make it clear that Kap did NOT write it and does not confirm its accuracy either.  

I really thought that was an A+ move on Kap’s part.  It shows me that he does really care about our community, so with that I will be removing Kaperoni from my “Hack Guru” list.  So, lets get to the Attorney’s “intel”:

Name or Handle: Kaperoni
Comment (please see note above): Thought you might enjoy Attorney researched Tony and sent this to me.



Here is what I found out about Tony. This is directly from the court docket.

The criminal charge was filed Continue reading

FOUND!!! USA v. Renfrow et al, 2:12-cr-20041, No. 1 (D.Kan. Apr. 18, 2012)

Howdy Dinarians,
Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"
For those of you who have sent me your many requests for a copy of the INDICTMENT Court Document which was filed by the United States Government against ANTHONY RENFROW (Tony “TNT” Renfrow) and WILLIAM “BILL” FOX.

INDICTMENT as to Anthony Renfrow (1) on counts 1 and 2, and as to William “Bill” Fox (2) on counts 1 and 2. (mg) (Entered: 04/18/2012)

Well, thanks to an email’d tip from Bando11 here you go…. Continue reading

Tony TNT Renfrow – is he really a Hack Guru?

Howdy Dinarians!

Did it “RV” yet?

Well, it seems almost every week Tony “TNT” Renfrow has come up with another reason (we like to refer them more as “lies”) the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) will “RV.”

Typically he hypes up his people (sorry, they are often referred to as “sheeple”) with complete and utter nonsense about a currency rate that is so unbelievable (i.e. over $25 to 1 IQD) that his people will believe him without every asking themselves, is this rate even possible?

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"Shouldn’t people be serving themselves better by asking a few questions?  Such as:

  1. How does this ordinary man have access to this kind of confidential information?
  2. If this man does have real access to this kind of real intel – then why is he sharing it?
  3. If Tony does share confidential information – why has he not been arrested yet?

As you may know, our website has done many “This Day in RV History” features, and why not visit June 11, 2011 (thanks to PelicanNest5 for digging this up): Continue reading