RANT! Snoopy’s Tribute to our Soldiers, and also you had better buckle up!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Since we have to pretty much sit and wait for the new Government of Iraq to be seated after the old “Maliki” GOI’s term ends June 14th – we have nothing much better to do than keep our eyes on our favorite Hack Gurus!

Our buddy Snoopy has come out of his dog house once again, and delivered another Hack Guru Rant! that is a joy to read!

Rant!I remember it being said several years ago, maybe even by Okie himself, that he was a retired officer in the U.S. Military.  If that is true, or even if he had just been an enlisted soldier who was trained to obey orders, then he would or should know just how important it is to report the FACTS and only the FACTS, NO RUMORS OR HEARSAY.   FALSE INTEL ABORTS MISSIONS AND GETS SOLDIERS KILLED!!! (May God bless our Soldiers for their sacrifices!  Thank you for your service.)

Yet, over the years, Okie’s constant rhetoric regarding the imminent release of the RV and the roller coaster ride of the rate has brought the Dinar community TIME AND TIME AGAIN to the edge of their seats with unspeakable joy then Continue reading

Screen-Shot – Tony TNT Renfrow’s April 30th Court Date!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Well, I hope the luck was good for you yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day!

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Now, on to business – for those of you who wanted Tony TNT Renfrow’s new Federal Court Date with the U.S. District Court in Kansas – here you go!  

Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Mr. IQD, From Mike Diston’s email (who has been doing a lot of follow up on Tony Renfrow TNT) (Anthony Renfrow):
Federal Court motion hearing date is rescheduled for April Continue reading

Question: Mr.IQD, Do you believe it will ReValue?

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

message-in-a-bottleI was sent the following private message – I decided to make it a full post since I get similar questions all the time.  I did remove the person’s name to protect their privacy.  Thanks for your question, and yes, I will add you to my Skype room! 🙂

Comment: I found the MrIQD.com website while researching whether investing in IQD (and Vietnamese Dong) is a scam. My only source of IQD intel for the past 18 months has been someone whose current “gurus” are TNT Tony, Okie Oil Man, “Mtn Goat”, and occasionally (recently) Loechin.

For about the past 3 weeks, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been “drinking the kool-aid” too long and need a more-balanced perspective on when (or if) the Continue reading