Iraqi Dinar Conference Calls – Various Teams

Hello Friends,  Below are conference call resources of some of our favorite Boards, Groups or Teams. We don’t necessarily agree all the time with any one of them, but we do try to find intelligent and balanced opinions and discussions.  Listen at your own risk!
NOTE:  Call Numbers & PIN Codes and Playback Links are subject to change, we try to keep current, but if there is a change, or you want to suggest a “good” call to list in our Directory, please fill out the anonymous form at the bottom of this page!  Thanks! 🙂
~ Mr. IQD

TIP:  We highly recommend you put a *67 in front of this number to BLOCK your Caller IdentityThese Conference Services, like Free Conference Call HD sends a “Caller’s Report” with phone numbers to the person that owns that original call.  So, if you DON’T want the call’s Moderator (or any Hack Guru) to get your Phone Number, then use *67, then the conference call’s phone number. 

EXAMPLE TO BLOCK YOUR ID:    *67 760 569 7676 on your phone, then the PIN#

The IQD Team Connection  –  Debbie, Diana, “Straight Talkin” Mike & LJ’s Next Step
SCHEDULE:  Every: Tuesday and Thursday 8PM (EST)
LIVE CALL: (760) 569-7676   PIN: 769478# or Backup PIN: 712222#
REPLAY CALL: (760) 569-7699  PIN: 769478# (Current recording only)


DinarAlert – Kaperoni and Professor Steve
SCHEDULE: TBA (Sign up for their email alerts to get notifications)
LIVE CALL: (805) 399-1000  PIN: 296983#
SKYPE: freeconferencing.8053991000

Please note that we removed (or refused to post) many of the Dinar Community’s Conference Calls such as those by Hack Gurus: Blaino, Brad Huebner, Frank & Delta, Wang Dang, or Tony TNT because of their over zealous spewing of false Intel (often very intentionally done!), selling of “crap” financial products (i.e. Trusts, LLC’s, etc.) or other similar egregious acts against the goodness of the Dinar Community – thereby, they are taking advantage of mainly “newbies” to our Dinar “RV” Community in our opinion and will not be a part of helping them to promote that “roller-coaster” “RV” intel.

Welcome to the NEWS Section

Get off of that horrible “intel roller-coaster”and get in to the News!  A quick note, we will post some of our favorite news articles here in this news section.

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