A source reveals details of a meeting of the National Alliance and the last seven conditions for the renewal of confidence in Maliki

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Happy Monday Friends,

Looks like its another Monday, and Okie and his hack guru friends like “Bowl”dog75 was WRONG (again, again, AGAIN) about it having RV’d on Friday!!!

A roller-coaster may be fun to ride at the Carnival or County Fair, but NOT in terms of following “hack” gurus who continuously spin you around and around till you want to vomit!

Please share this with your friends (only the ones you care about) and tell them to get away from their lies!

Have a FANTASTIC week – this following article is very encouraging that Iraq is moving in the “right” direction!  We don’t know how long it will take, but at least we are moving forward with real news and real circumstances – one step at a time – one day at a time!

~ Mr. IQD

P.S.  Regarding the following article, it is our contention from what we can read from this translation, it appears that Maliki is consenting to the demands to leave both the Continue reading

Duckboy – Great Current Analysis and Slams Hack Gurus!

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Happy Friday Friends!

We were emailed this good analysis of current Iraq Events and also the crap that is being spewed out by our friendly neighborhood HACK GURUS!

Duckboy wrote everything to follow, we made a couple of very minor adjustments mostly for formatting reasons only.

~ Mr. IQD

BBP update: Our sources are quiet to what end, we don’t know and we won’t read into it. However, my guess is that they are tired of getting same stuff from their contacts, who have not been remotely correct. As we see it, they are so many things happening in Iraq, it can be difficult to follow.

Will Maliki have a no-confidence vote? I don’t believe Continue reading

CBI's Governor Shabibi – Compare Articles for Apr 2012 and articles from Apr 2011 – August 2011

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Wow, this is fantastic archive work by Lakehouse who made your life much easier by collecting all these valuable articles relevant to the Revalue of the Iraqi Currency!

Who would you rather believe (and bet next month’s rent on!) Dr. Shabibi the Governor of Iraq’s Central Bank (www.CBI.iq) or believe one of those hack “gurus” who is calling it every other day because of the so-called “intel”…. 

GIVE US A BREAK from CRAP INTEL!!! We will take Dr. Shabibi’s word every time over a hack Guru!!!  And, by the way, when you read the real news and quotes from Shabbs, you will think – why in the heck did I ever need a hack guru to tell me his/her lies!

~ Mr. IQD

Thanks Lakehouse @ Going Global for putting this together

Dr. Shabibi of Iraq's CBICBI’s Governor Sinan Shabibi – Articles for April 2012 and articles from April 2011 – August 2011 for review!

This year .. April 14th 2012 .. link .. *CBI’s Shabibi ~ Central Bank Governor left Iraq to attend a conference of the International Monetary Fund ..

And More .. link.. *April 21-26-2012 – UNCTAD Conference – Fact, CBI’s Sinan Shabibi was until retirement a Senior economist for UN’s Conference for Trade and Development

And .. One Year Ago …

April 17, 2011 ~ *On Tuesday, Shabibi goes to Washington ~ Iraq and the Paris Club ~ Financial confirmed it seeks to cancel the external debt …

April 19, 2011 Continue reading

Urgent! Talabani to resolve the dispute between Baghdad and Erbil – plus Analysis by Mr.IQD


Iraq President Jalal TalabaniThis is GREAT news folks!!!  Especially since Barzani was reported yesterday to be back in Kurdistan from his trip to the United States and other countries.

This meeting that is now being arranged by Talabani, should go down anytime, especially in light of the other articles we have been seeing.  The situation over there is critical.

Why is this exciting, well Talabani always seems to be the man to get things done, in simple terms, think of Talabani like a father figure to Maliki, Allawai and Barzani. 

If there is really anyone in our opinion that can get these three together to work out their differences and get them to act like “men” and not like “boys” it is Papa Talabani.

~ Mr. IQD

By: Bian6
On: Wednesday 04/18/2012 12:05

Baghdad / WAP / advisor said the prime minister for the Kurdistan region just Berwari article Wednesday that the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, commissioned by President Jalal Talabani said the task of resolving the ongoing dispute between Baghdad and Erbil.

He said Berwari told Baghdad International / WAP / Wednesday, “said Talabani welcomed this assignment,” noting that “Talabani’s efforts to mediate between Baghdad and Erbil will begin with the return to the Barzani of the Kurdistan region during the next few days.” Ended 3



Kurd MP : Withdrawal of confidence from the government a practical solution to end the political crisis.

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We were very excited to see this article, especially with Barzani back in town, the Kurds and the passage of Erbil in our opinion are the main key to getting Shabibi to pull that trigger for the RV.

We honestly feel that Shabibi is waiting for the Oil & Gas Law to be hammered out, they have to know who is responsible for the Oil Contracts with the big Oil Companies, and they need to know what percentages are going to be distributed around the Government and to the People of Iraq. 

Furthermore, we also feel that Shabibi wants a stable GOI and having Maliki sign and announce to the public the power sharing agreement means that he cannot become a defacto Dictator, which the Iraqi people DO NOT WANT!!!

~ Mr. IQD

18/04/2012 08:44:00

Baghdad/ NINA /– MP ,Hassan Jihad, for the Kurdistan Alliance said : “ Withdrawal of confidence from the government is one of the practical and available solutions to end the current untractable political crisis.

He told NINA : “ Crisis cannot stay stagned without solutions and can not accept contrived stands made by some political blocs who resort to procrastination without facing a desuasive positions to end the crisis .

It’s noteworthy to mention that MP Mohammed Sayhood for the State of Law headed by PM, al-Maliki has described the attempts to withdraw confidence from the government as a conspiracy alleging that such approach is not a democratic practice , he said . / End



Highlights & Summary of Last Night's News from #The IQD Team


Great Night of News, Analysis & Discussion!  Listen to the Call for All News Shared Conference Call Replay for Tuesday – April 17, 2012
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-Thanks to Brenda for the Summary/Cliff Notes-

“Straight Talkin’ Mike” Recaps and Summarizes The Nights News

(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed – So much great information shared… The following is just a recap of the articles discussed on the call)

We discussed several great articles on the CBI…

They talked about wanting to work hand in hand with the government… getting them to do the things they need to do in order to raise the zeroes… NOT delete the zeroes… raise the zeroes… we know that those mean two different things – we have discussed this many times – and when the CBI talks abut this happening they talk a lot differently than when the government talks about it… They always talk about deleting those zeroes.

Obviously the CBI understands what they want to do and the government doesn’t have any idea what they are really trying to do based on what they are trying to do, but it was a nice puff article out there Saleh coming out there and saying Look we are not at war with the government – the government needs to understand that we control the monetary policy and that they need to enact these things to keep the monetary policy going – not to use them as stoppers or to use them as things to inhibit monetary policy but its the way it is… Obviously they don’t like it – would rather have our reserves – but that doesn’t do anything for you – you’re not tied to the world system… you’re kind-a out there on your own island and eventually it all comes crumbling down – that’s what Saddam did – that didn’t work the first time… lets go ahead and see what’s going on.

Well in the meantime, the CBI has been trying to stabilize the currency rate in the streets – They put some dollars out to kind-a quell that – they’ve kind-a put the kibosh on people coming in and taking this currency and running out to use it for different reasons – they are getting rid of the “ghost buyers” and they’ve got more buyers using the currency inside the country than there are outside the country now… and hopefully they can keep some of it in the country to stabilize those rates and then they can move forward… They’ve certainly done it over the last couple of days and they are still working pretty hard to keep this situation stable… keep an eye on the CBI to see what they are doing.

Moving into the political news we discussed…

An article about the government talking about cutting the salaries… There was some “helter skelter” and “awakening” going on as the article stated… What we found was very odd I guess that they are trying to cut these salaries at this point in time… AGAIN a currency that is not worth very much and they are going to cut these salaries… People are looking at them like they have a third eye… The article said we will see why we are going to do this in the coming days – we don’t know what that means – we assume they are trying to work with getting more value added to the currency because that is the only thing that kind-a makes sense.

We discussed how many articles are coming out about the necessity to get these three presidencies together to have them meet and get them going – we know that the key regardless of whatever else you read is whose signing oil contracts – how’s the money being divvied up -that is the most important piece to this as we go forward as we have said many times because Erbil is a key piece of that – the power sharing agreement – its getting people moving… Until we start to see some very positive things moving in that direction – that’s what you want to keep your eye on moving forward… These guys can talk all they want but quite honestly you can go in and sit down and talk and if Allawi doesn’t get his minister and Barzani doesn’t get what he needs eventually they are going to have to move to a Vote of No-Confidence… Looks like they have what they need to do that.

We discussed an article that the groundwork has been laid – that they are ready to go – they have all the approvals they need from the clerics, etc – they are not going to tell us when they are going to do that but they are going to go there – my guess is that there will be some kind of meeting between all 3 now that Barzani is back… It will be laid out very clearly what the deal is – who the allies are and the lines will be drawn in the sand and they will either come out of there with a positive yeah we are moving in one direction – here’s the ministers and go and we will see what happens.

We discussed the pressure and publicity in the American papers…

Can the U.S. help Iraq return to a democratic process and the answer is Yes – politically we can do a lot of things – that does not mean that there are all kinds of conspiracies about this RV – It just means that politically we need to move the political process forward – the same thing we do with other countries – political meetings happen – doesn’t mean people are in control or out of control – Its the nature of how we deal with countries – Its a political process and a diplomatic process… They are told certain things and you go and have meetings – this is what’s going to happen – this is what you can count on and what you can’t count on – all of this is done in secret and that’s how things get moved / settled – who knows what will come out of those type of things… but eventually the pressure is going to be hard enough that they are going to have to move forward one plan or the other.

One article I read today talked about… Look we are coming into an election year you don’t want to have Iraq explode coming into an election… my guess is there is a ton of political pressure from us right now to really resolve this and move it forward. We will have to see how all of that plays out… Its not going to be something we are going to read in the paper… it’s something we are going to see the effects of as they go thru this and we want to keep our eye out there for that.

Last but not least we talked about the Oil Exports…

Record exports for April – Great article – they opened up this new platform and they are just pumping oil onto tankers and they are filling up and leaving as quick as they can… There were so many great articles about oil and business in Iraq lately… People ask us all the time where we are at and where are we going? The amount of oil and the amount of things that they have – something has got to happen with this – there’s a lot of wealth there – This was kind-a keep the faith article to let you know what’s going on and ITS ALL GOOD!

And there you have it…

Straight Talkin’ Mike On The Straight Talk Express
Bringing You Another Night of Great Positive News!

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The I.Q.D. Team, Ltd.’s News Article Coverage for Tues. 04/17/2012

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

  • JD reveals new procedures for the central bank currency rates on the rise
  • Central Bank Official: raise zeroes from the currency requires the cooperation of the government
  • Chairman of the Reconciliation Committee: Committee to continue with the Council of Ministers to know the truth about reducing the salaries of Awakening
  • Kurdistan Alliance: Barzani invited to a meeting of leaders of blocs of support for the National Conference
  • Iraq On Target for Record Oil Exports in April
  • A forthcoming meeting of the three presidencies
  • Report: America can return Iraq to the democratic process
  • Iraqi revealed “plan” to withdraw confidence from Maliki?

Link to all articles above with source links>>> LINK


Computer Security Basics~Straight Talkin Mike & Adam :: Part 1

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Computer Security 101
Part 1
April 14, 2012

Straight Talkin Mike, Adam & Debbie discuss Computer Security and the tools you can use to keep your computer safe

Discussion on this call:

1)  Windows Updates & Patches

2)  Update Java & Adobe and all other updates

3)  Anti-Virus & Mal-Ware

4)  Cleaning Temp Internet Files & Cookies

5)  Backup


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More to follow……Child Safety, Backup, Banking Security, On Line Safety and Advanced Security…and so much more

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The IQD Team – Highlights & Summary of Last Night's News – Sunday Apr 15th

-Thanks to Brenda for the Summary/Cliff Notes-

The IQD Team’s “Straight Talkin’ Mike” Recaps and Summarizes The Nights News

(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed – So much great information shared… The following is just a recap of the articles discussed on the call)

All of the articles we discussed tonight seem to say “Maliki’s Plan” – That’s the theme for tonight’s call… Maliki wants to have early elections – he is trying to give himself many outs because if he gets the people poplar coming out – saying he will change all of these things if you just give me one more term – give me more things that I can do – I can make sure this country is great – I can fix it – I can do it all of this for you – I think this is the ploy he is trying.
If he knows there is going to be a vote of No-confidence he will call for early elections and Continue reading


HAT TIP: TampaTom

Just got this in from a friend of a friend of TampaTom with Freedom Quest!  Thanks for your great analysis and report! 

Note, I had to make a few slight formatting modifications to this repost, and also added a couple of web hyperlinks to make reading a little easier!

Mr.IQD   🙂



RV – WHAT RV????


As Iraq’s government has put national reconciliation talks on hold, we discuss the issues behind the growing divisions.

Uploaded by on Apr 7, 2012

This video is very informative and worth your time “IF You Want to Learn The True and Honest Facts!”
It explains that ALL Iraqi Blocks are not moving forwardfor the common interest of the Iraqi people.
I know we hear week after week that everything is done… on the screens, banks are ready,
bank packages are being prepared… bla bla bla…
But how can anyone change the value of a currency when everything within the blocks are dysfunctional?

There would be mass confusion plus it would not settle anything within their blocks and/or government!

We also have heard for years that they are blowing smoke, it’s out of Iraq’s hands…
But my reality check says there are REAL problems internally and we all deserve the true and honest facts…