RANT! #1GOORU questions why the Hack Gurus have not been Arrested yet!

Happy “hump day” Dinarians,

Well, tomorrow is Turkey Day so I’ve decided to double-down today with a good thought provoking Rant! by our friend and contributor #1GOORU.


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: I was trying to send you a few questions and my screen went down, don’t know what you got, if anything.

Wondering how long the authorities are going to allow this nonsense to continue?

Don’t you think at some point the three letter agencies would stop these jokers from Continue reading

RANT! Southern Shaker’s Dinarian Weather Forecast!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, what will the weather be like in your neck of the woods?

Who cares – we only care about the Hack Guru’s forecast on the IQD – if it were to “RV” (as they propose) then we all could be anywhere on Earth we would like!  


So, our new friend Southern Shaker has come up with this very humorous and cleaver Hack Guru Weather Forecast for the Thanksgiving Week…  Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): Southern Shaker here Dinarians with you Dinar weather update:

NOAA continental US weather forecast map for E...

We are expecting 2ft to 3ft accumilation of pure BS in the early morning hours this morning lasting into early evening. However this will turn to a Continue reading

A Black Friday Reminder!!!

A reminder of “thanks” you gave yesterday…..


Happy Thanksgiving Dinarians!


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Something Is Up….
The Farmer just unfriended me on Facebook!