A Very Short RANT! by #1GOORU….

Happy Thursdays Dinarians,

I wanted to get this very short RANT! by #1GOORU out to you, rather than hold it for Friday or next week.  I think he/she makes a really good observation and point worth considering!

Rant!Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: Ok now, so where are Southern Shaker and some of the other scouts-for-truth these days ? Haven’t heard from anyone in awhile and I know they aren’t just waiting to see who wins the elections. Hope none of us become so complacent that we begin to accept the scumbag dinar liars who are wreaking so much havoc in people’s lives by predicting a huge return on an imminent revaluation while making money off those lies. 
People, just stop buying. Let it all shake down. If you have some, just hold onto them — you have enough. Don’t keep this racket going “just in case”. No dinar sales, no more Continue reading

See Tony TNT at his March 2014 Federal Court Appearance!

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Our friend, #1GOORU just sent in a really great idea to my Mail Bag.

Rather than just post it in the bag, and have only a few people see it, I wanted to make it a full post so that thousands of you will get a chance to see his/her great idea to visit Tony TNT Renfrow later this month in his Kansas Court Appearance (Case Info).

Tony, You're lookin' kind of smug....

Tony, You’re lookin’ kind of smug….

Comment: I would like to suggest that someone (Southern Shaker?) with resources inform Mr. IQD what,when,where on March 25th? the court appearance for Tony Renfrow in Kansas City will be (which court room, time, address, etc.). If you announce it, then maybe those readers who are close Continue reading

Southern Shaker Tips Off Smoky to Okie Oil Man!

Happy Tuesday Dinarians,

Our good ol’ buddy Southern Shaker has alerted Smoky about another one of our Fav Hack Gurus in this community – maybe you’ve also heard of Okie Oil Man?


Here is the copy of the letter correspondence that Southern Shaker sent to Smoky, and the reply back….  Lonnie buddy, when you are not flyin’ high – you’d better be checking your ground speed and rear view mirror!  

(Note, phone numbers, locations, and names were replaced with pseudonyms for legal purposes. ~ Mr. IQD)

Mr [Southern Shaker],
I did some checking and Freels lives outside my jurisdiction.  I did notify the Sheriff’s Department of Washita County and gave them everything you sent me.  I hope they are able to get him and Continue reading

RANT! Wow! Southern Shaker is on a long-haul “Kick-Butt” of Tony TNT!

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Well I hope you had a great time with your family over the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I appreciate the numerous emails I received from many of you wishing me and my family a good Turki Day (yes, pun intended). 


So, to my delight our new contributor “Southern Shaker” really went off on a Rant! over the weekend and I’m just all too happy to republish it here word-for-word (including the adult language).  

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): I can’t believe people are still praising this son of a bitch Tony. He’s promised the RV for a solid 2 weeks now and when the day comes he has some dumb ass lame brain idiot excuse that I wouldn’t believe a 4 year old would believe! He claims  Continue reading

RANT! Southern Shaker’s Dinarian Weather Forecast!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, what will the weather be like in your neck of the woods?

Who cares – we only care about the Hack Guru’s forecast on the IQD – if it were to “RV” (as they propose) then we all could be anywhere on Earth we would like!  


So, our new friend Southern Shaker has come up with this very humorous and cleaver Hack Guru Weather Forecast for the Thanksgiving Week…  Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): Southern Shaker here Dinarians with you Dinar weather update:

NOAA continental US weather forecast map for E...

We are expecting 2ft to 3ft accumilation of pure BS in the early morning hours this morning lasting into early evening. However this will turn to a Continue reading

Rant! Southern Shaker Drives it Home!

Howdy Dinarians,

This great man, Southern Shaker, really spent a lot of time writing his post and I’m so proud to be able to post it here for you.  

Rant!His story of his journey of being duped by the Hack Gurus really drives home the point that any one of us can be subject to falling for their lies and tactics!

Name / Handle – Not Required:
Comment: I’m not a rich man by NO means but I earn 6 figures yearly so I’m comfortable. I’m a 66 1/2 year old independent trucker and have been right at 48 years except for 3 tours in Viet Nam 1967, 68 and 69. Started trucking in 1965 in Mississippi. I live in [removed to preserve confidentiality], and have for 13 years.

My wife is from here and I love NWA. It’s the only recession proof place in America. Wal-Mart, Tysons, JB Hunt, PAM trucking, Willis Shaw Trucking and so forth. I bought dinars about 3 years ago because a friend told me of them.

The friend also told me of dinarrecaps.com and I started monitoring the site. It has been the same thing day in and day out. I notice now how they start the easy build up to RV on Mon – Tues then work it harder Wed – Thurs then slam it hard for Continue reading