ALERT!!! A Very Misinformed Opinion – So. Africa's Email/Post about Net 1 UEPS + Analysis by MrIQD

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Here are our thoughts on this email/post by the person from South Africa & Net 1 UEPS:

1) We don’t believe that Mr. “X” would divulge confidential info to a guy he does not know over the phone!   Mr. “X” would risk loosing Tens of $Millions if not Hundreds of $Millions in contract fees telling this guy contractually CONFIDENTIAL Information – he would NOT do that!!!

2)  Furthermore, the Iraqi Finance committee head is separate from the CBI.  It is Dr. Shabibi that knows the rate and when to set the value and release the value!

3)  The RV rate has already been approved by the IMF to reinstate the original IQD’s value to pre Iran/Iraq war plus 20%.

4)  We feel that this author may be trying to achieve a “good” purpose by calming people down from the garbage put out by Hack Gurus like Okie, BullDog75, JonnyWG and others!!!

5)  The author may also be trying to keep people from wasting their money on Reserves!!!  We agree, you should only buy what you can afford, and purchase your IQD outright it and hold it – and get off the “guru intel” Reserve Roller-Coaster!!!

 ~ Mr. IQD


Dear Dinarians,

As you all know, I reside here in South Africa.

Following last night’s discussion post from “M” relating to the South African based Net1 UEPS Technologies company, who launched the smart card payment system in Iraq, I decided to contact Net1 directly, to try and ascertain whether they have been given ANY indication of a possible currency re-valuation in IRAQ, or when the three zero’s will be dropped from the IQD currency any time soon.

Having made a few phone calls, I was eventually directed to Net1 UEPS’s sister company (NEUEPS) which can also be found at

After being transferred from the one person to the next, I eventually got through to Continue reading