Hammerman Friday Night Update – DID SOMEONE HIT HIM OVER THE HEAD!!! – Analysis by MrIQD!!!

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What is it about Friday Nights that make these HACK GURUS spew out such garbage???!!!
Perhaps they have been drinking a little too much cheap wine??? We can only speculate…. LOL!!!!
Regardless, we at Mr. IQD have been hearing this “Bank Screens” CRAP now for nearly a year!!! The same about the FOREX and also the other 3-letter agencies like BIS, IMF and WTO!!!
Do not base your Dinar buying, or Selling Decisions based on crap intel by these HACK GURUS!!!! Just tell them TO STFU!!!!! 😉
~ Mr. IQD

Post By Kdes Dinar MIG Chat

10:37 PM [kdes dinar] Hammerman: Forex is stating not before Tuesday. The banks think it could happen at anytime now, any minute. We are in a window now.

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