Rant! #1GOORU sounds off on the Bank 800#s

Howdy Dinarians!

Well it looks like our post on the 800#s for the Banks and Currency Exchange really set off a touchy nerve with one of our new, regular contributors #1GOORU – take a look…


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: RE: The so-called 800 numbers (inquiring reader and your reprint on the subject) that WF will humbly bestow on the great OOM and other “special” people.
This nonsense has graduated to a cult status, ruining lives, families, health, finances and friendships and more.
In my opinion, if WF was a socially responsible member of society, they would encourage and aid the investigative authorities by PUBLICLY, repeat PUBLICLY at their top level, refuting their direct involvement in this, or at least with certain privileged Gurus.
I’ve tried to reason with my dearest friend, who uses much of OOM’s (and the other hack gurus’) terminology to justify her stand, but seems to her it is me who is not a good financial steward of my future endowment from God, because: Continue reading