Happy Independence Day America!

Hello Dinarians,

Well, our country’s Birthday is on us again, and we not only find ourselves one year older, but one year wiser as well.

Today I’m not going to point out the idiotic things that are being said by our community’s “mental patients” (a.k.a. our “Hack Gurus”) for fear of being see as “insensitive”!!!

Instead, I would like to take just a moment to honor you, our Dinarian friends as well as give a HUGE Thanks to the many participants in our “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room Chats including daily participants:

  • MarcG  (the very sarcastic Gourmet Chef)
  • Kimberly  (sweet until you “cross her”)
  • Flybtsomp
  • Steven Jackbomb
  • OW   (yes, that’s his Continue reading