Jubouri: CBI takes two steps to raise the price of the Iraqi dinar

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The reason we wanted to post this article, is that it shows that the CBI has won the attack from Maliki to take it over and “steal” the $65Billion in reserves!

This is FANTASTIC news to us Dinarians, because without that $65B, there will be no RV!!!  Dr. Shabibi has done an excellent job of getting Parliment to side with the CBI against Maliki’s recent take over attempt!

~ Mr.IQD

(This article is provided with two translations.)

04/15/2012 BAGHDAD / JD / .. According to a member of the Finance Committee’s parliamentary Haitham Jubouri take two steps the Iraqi Central Bank to raise the price of the Iraqi dinar and weighed against the U.S. dollar.

Jubouri said L / JD / “The central bank has taken two steps is to first new controls on the value of the transfer and identify external electronic point of arrival and will go to any country,” and secondly “to keep the bank with $ 65 billion in capital.”

Jubouri and “The Bank to keep the $ 65 billion is a very good capital that would preserve the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, an increase of supply relative to demand in the local markets.”

He said, “The Iraqi market is witnessing the Continue reading