LJ’s Election Update for Wed, May 14th 2014 – A MUST READ!!!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Last night LJ and the IQD Team had a really good Conference Call – I strongly urge you to go listen to that call either by phone or online.  

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Today, LJ posted his comments and analysis of the newest News Articles put out today, which adds to his analysis from their call last night.  Here is his update, which is VITAL for you to read and share with other Dinarians in our community.

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Reportedly Maliki/ state of law party has harvested roughly 1 million votes in the Iraq 2014 elections. Why is this relevant? Well, most don’t understand the complexity that goes into seat distribution in a 328 member parliamentary body. It is not business as usual as the Sainte-Laguë system changes the game. It has been mentioned time and again that not one party in Iraq’s recent parliamentary elections have been able to achieve more than 80 seats; making it virtually impossible for  Maliki to return as prime minster for reasons i explained on the call last night. Also it is vital to utilize a little math to best approach the insignificance of Maliki’s often mentioned one million votes.

Fact: 20 million represents the number of registered voters in Iraq of 34 million souls.

Fact: 60%, of the above number represents 12 million eligible voters who participated on April 30, 2014.

Fact: the seats obtained by parties will be instrumental in determining by majority who will prove, by consensus, to be selected and accepted as the next prime minister of Iraq.

Factually about 11 million votes in Iraq were not cast for Maliki, that’s the lion’s share of votes, which represents Continue reading

RANT! Here is my RANT about Dan, Gary and PTR!!!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well Brad H. was doing all kinds of mini-Rants! on the discussion board and comments to posts!  So, I told Brad – “put it in a Rant!” and he did!  

So, KUDOS to Brad H. for contributing, but also stepping it up and shouting it out with the following….. Enjoy!

Here’s my rant about Dan and PTR….

Dan Atkinson, the dummy who leads the goofballs at PTR has been steadfastly claiming for months that we were right on top of the RV of the Iraqi dinar. Dan’s main belief is that the RV must occur because the dinar used to be worth something.

Don’t take my word for it. Here are some things Dan has claimed over the past several months that would make the most ardent conspiracy nuts proud.

First, is the oft repeated claim by Dan that the real people who control the world rigged the US election in favor of Obama. No proof of course is Continue reading

RANT! The “dirt” on Tony TNT and former Partner Dan Atkinson

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

After almost two years of hosting this MrIQD.com website my hard work and years of effort to expose these scumbag Hack Gurus is paying off.  Early on I was alone in my fight, along with just a few other crusaders like the guys over at Dinar Douchebags who dared to say a negative word about these scum Hack Gurus!


Well, now it is really FUN being us – We have a REALLY AWESOME “Network” of individuals who give their time and efforts to help us “bash” those Hacks!!!

The following RANT! is a combination of the efforts of Brad and Victoria, who put together the info you will read below (Brad actually wrote it, Victoria sent me the research).  


Thanks so much to both of you, and the many others who are now contributing by your comments to posts, and private emails.

The attention has all been on Tony lately. However his former partners, Dan Atkinson and Gary Osborne deserve some scrutiny. I am a current PTR (peoplestalkradio) member who has had my fill of these two con artists.
This pair has been claiming we are close or on top of this RV for a year now. They never name any sources, which they claim are financial guys plugged into the impending RV, other than Abe and Dr. Todd which they admit are not their real names. Of course, they never provide any background either. Is Dr. Todd really a doctor and if so, of what?
Here is what I do know about their sources. So far they have been dead Continue reading

Tony “TNT” Renfrow – Dinar Douchebag of the year 2013!

Good Saturday Morning Dinarians!

Well, we have always liked our buddies over at Dinar Douchebags for their great articles and exposing the truth about these Hack Gurus in our Community.

It appears that they are getting as sick and tired of Tony TNT as we are.  I’m sure they are just as amazed people still follow him despite his constant lies!

Well, they decided to present Tony TNT Renfrow with their Annual “Douchebag of the Year Award” – two months early!!!  Here is their announcement:

For the past two years I have presented an award to the Dinar Douchebag of the year.  The first year Dan “Checkmate” Atkinson was the winner.  In 2012 the award was shared by James “Adam Montana” Wolf and Tony “Breitling” Elder.

Well this year wasn’t even close so I’m going to award it 2 months early. Continue reading

TNT – Ready To “Blow Up” In District Court – Due Oct 7th!

Hat Tip:  PelicanNest5 one of our regular contributors to our “Anti-Hack Guru” Skype Room, thanks buddy! 

Howdy fellow Dinarians,

Well, Summer is over.  If you’ve missed your buddy Mr. IQD, I’ve been hanging out with like-minded friends in our Skype Room.  You can join in on the fun, just send me a request.

By the way, has it “RV’d Yet”????  LOL, well, we know the answer is “No” and even though your buddy Mr. IQD would stay up late at night with Mrs. IQD – the RV was not what was on our mind.  Summer evenings sipping fine wine ($2-buck Chuck) and listening to good music was mainly on the menu.  🙂

Come visit all of us in the Anti Hack Guru Skype Room to keep your sanity, or wait for my next post, when ever that is…. LOL!!!

~ Mr. IQD


Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox.

Motions due by 10/7/2013. Response deadline 10/14/2013.

Motion Hearing set for 10/21/2013 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 463 (CM) before District Judge Carlos Murguia.

Excludable started as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox 2/25/13 thru 10/21/13.

Signed by District Judge Carlos Murguia on 3/8/2013

link: https://www.docketalarm.com/cases/Kansas_District_Court/2–12-cr-20041/USA_v._Renfrow_et_al/

TNT News – Direct from Ripoff Reports – Tony Runs MLM “Scam”!!!

Tony-TNT-RenfrowOkay, share this “TNT News” about your favorite Hack Guru, Tony Renfrow…

Seriously, after reading this below (and there are plenty more on their website) do you really think you need to “donate” or “give” your money or IQD to TNT???

Direct from Ripoff Reports……..

SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! Things were GREAT the first month. They were paying me, on time, perfect… now that I have recruited 4 individuals for services and 1 person as an affiliate they won’t pay Continue reading

Humor Photos of Dan & Tony’s “Divorce”… LOL!!!


This gallery contains 15 photos.

Well, our GREAT contributor MarcG outdid himself again, if you thought the out of context pictures of Maliki were funny, well you should really love the following “Divorce Between PTR’s Dan & Tony” pics below…. Related articles Humor Photos of … Continue reading