CRASH!!! Brad Huebner and Breitling's "LDHL Pump & Dump" Apparent Scheme Harming Dinarians!!!

HAT TIP:  Yahoo Finance

Well, for those of you who didn’t see our warnings back on July 16, 2012 – when we first noticed that BH Group was pumping Dinarians on their Penny Stock (scheme) LDHL and we told members to not touch it with a ten-foot pole – well, since those character’s humiliating Indictment for phony Hedge Fund Schemes – the LDHL penny stock started crashing!!!

Today, according to Yahoo Finance it closed less than half its high at a meager $0.53 / share.

We are not your Financial Planner, so we obviously can’t advise you to buy or sell securities, but we will let you make that obvious decision on LDHL before you lose everything (in our opinion).

~ Mr. IQD

P.S.  Do you think that those hacks Proteus and Patriot are reading this now – maybe we’ll hear about it on their call….  Now where is their phone number… Humm, must have misplaced it…  Well, forget it, why waste our time anyways – we can go brush up on our phony “rum-intel” and fake “gag orders” on Dinar Guru and that only takes 3 to 5 minutes…. LOL!!!