YEA!!! Fuad Masum is Iraq’s New President!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Well, I finally have something to post about, and what a “humm-dinger” it really is!

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Iraqi President Fuad Masum

Fuad Masum was elected by the Iraqi Parliament today, Thursday July 24th 2014 to be the new President of Iraq, replacing the now former President Jalal Talibani.

Below is the full article thanks to my friends over at The IQD Team Connection…

BAGHDAD / obelisk: candidate won Kurdish blocs Fuad Masum, on Thursday, the post of President of the Republic of Iraq, after receiving Continue reading

Analysis of the new Iraqi Term Limits Law

HAT TIP: Reidar Visser

We found this posted on LJ’s Skype Room and really liked Reidar’s plain English breakdown and thought it might help you too! 🙂

~ Mr. IQD

A New Law Limits the Terms of Iraq’s Prime Minister
by Reidar Visser

A couple of points regarding the law on term limits for the “three presidencies” passed by the Iraqi parliament on Saturday.

■The law limits the three presidencies (president proper, speaker of parliament and prime minister) to two terms, whether successive or not.

■Whereas a limitation on the presidency to two terms is prescribed in the Continue reading

Our Opinion Of Tonight's Presidential Debate

Good evening Dinarian friends!

Hey did you get a chance to watch the Presidential Debate this evening – watching Obama and Romney go at it on foreign-policy???

Well it struck us very weird that Romney and Obama both barely touched on Iraq – don’t you find it odd that they both had excellent points they could have made to attack each other about Iraq and neither of them used it!!!

We found it extremely odd that Iraq was barely touched on in tonight’s foreign-policy debate….

It really makes us wonder why!!! And maybe we’re looking at this with Dinarian goggles but doesn’t it seem strange that neither of them took the excellent opportunity to criticize each other over Iraq and none of them wanted to touch it — not even with a 10 foot pole!

So you know we have Maliki who is out-of-control…. Romney could use that!!

Maliki runs off to Russian buys billions of dollars worth of arms from Putin…. and Romney could use that!!!

Obama just put a surge of troops into Iraq — Romney could use that!!!

How about the fact we just put $12 billion of new arms into Iraq — Romney could have also used that!!!

Why did they ignore the 800 lb Gorilla in the room tonight….. Coincidence maybe….????

Maybe it’s nothing – But in our eyes we find it really “odd”!!! Good night! 🙂

~ Mr. IQD

HOT NEWS!!! A meeting of the three presidencies held tomorrow in Sulaymaniyah!

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Howdy Dinarian Friends,

Thanks to LJ and his team for digging up this exciting article!

LJ also clarifies the three Presidencies as:



This clip was added to LJ’s Chat room by member “scottsdale”:

“…the three presidencies will meet tomorrow in Sulaymaniya, emphasizing that they will discuss setting up a mechanism for the management of the disputed areas, and the possibility of the formation of the politicians Supreme headed by Iyad Allawi, as well as resolving the security ministries, and to pass a law of oil and gas.”

One observation that we would like to add is we now see a sudden “rush” to really get together and get things done!  We at Mr. IQD feel this is being stimulated by the very recent instability being caused by the riots in Libya, Syria and Egypt!  They also see the tensions between Israel and Iran escalating!

We personally feel that these guys in Iraq are literally “crapping their pants” fearing this kind of social unrest can easily flame up in Iraq – and we are quite sure the recent images of the former leaders of Egypt, Syria and Libya being killed or exiled by their people must be gnawing at their consciousness! 

Lets face it, they must be telling themselves that coming to a resolution by compromise with each other and having an “RV” and increasing the wealth and pride of the Iraqi people is MUCH better than being “run out of town or dead”!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Alfalh: a meeting of the three presidencies held tomorrow in Sulaymaniyah
Tuesday, September 18, 2012 14:23

Alsumaria News / Baghdad

MP for the coalition of state law on Alfalh, Tuesday, that the three presidencies will meet tomorrow in Sulaymaniyah, emphasizing that they will discuss setting up a mechanism for the management of the disputed areas, and the possibility of the formation of the politicians Supreme headed by Iyad Allawi, as well as resolving the Continue reading

National Forces, the Five Decided to bring down Maliki during the next 72 hours and Najafi to attend EXTRAORDINARY Session! + Analysis by MrIQD


More Confirmation articles that its all over for Maliki.

Lets hope this gives Shabibi the confidence he needs that the GOI is “settled” enough to pull that trigger this weekend, or at least hopefully we will see a significant increase in value – keep your eyes on and stay away from those HACK Gurus!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Ahmed Saadi / Shatt al-Arab – 01/06/2012 PM – 7:03 p.m. | Hits: 157

Informed sources said the Shatt al-Arab News Agency that the national forces meeting in Arbil, the five decided to topple al-Maliki during the next 72 hours.

And may be sources confirmed that these forces have been able to collect more than 180 signature to withdraw confidence from the Maliki and there are contacts by the President of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi with the concerned administrators and lawyers in the House of Representatives to create the atmosphere for an extraordinary session to meet the number in question and is no-confidence after read the request of President Jalal Talabani to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister Maliki.

And this trend is a major development in the end this crisis, which dragged on for several years.


Maliki withdraw confidence from the collapse of the three presidencies + Analysis by MrIQD


Okay, we’ve been wondering what delay tactics and games Maliki will play….

Here we go, at least the first!!!

Maliki is claiming that according to the Agreement of Arbil if they withdraw Confidence from him (Maliki), then they withdraw Confidence from all three Presidents (Maliki, Talabani & Allawai)!!!

Yes, seems stupid, but Maliki is trying to confuse the People of Iraq and the Political Blocks now will have to properly educate the people to know the truth.

This explains these extra days of delay since the 17th!

~ Mr. IQD

Al-Bayati: Maliki withdraw confidence from the collapse of the three presidencies

20.5.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) – add comment –

Baghdad (news) A member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati, said that it supports the withdrawal of confidence from the government he did not read the agreement Arbil never called on to exploit the coming days in genuine dialogue. Bayati said (of the Agency news) said on Sunday: that the terms of the Arbil items referred to the functions and positions of the three Continue reading

Presidencies will meet this week! + Analysis by MrIQD


Happy Tuesday!!!

Not only is the “heat up” on Maliki – its a “BLAST FURNACE”!!! LOL!!!!

This article shows he’s finally seeing the light and is starting to cooperate!!!

All we need for him to do is announce the Ministers and also the Power Sharing agreement, making it Constitutional…..

and folks it will be very likely we will “be in the money” with Shabibi feeling comfortable enough to RV the IQD!!!

~ Mr. IQD

15/5/2012 12: 00 am

Iraq is to agree to attend the national meeting
Baghdad morning

I learned “Sabah” political sources informed that three important presidencies will meet this week to discuss the political crisis. this information comes at a time when the President of the Republic has continued to hold his meetings in Baghdad President search it with a delegation of the State of law coalition headed by Sheikh Khalid Al-Attiyah yesterday, all the issues that the country’s political arena and the ways in which they should approach in addressing problems and dealing with the current crisis through serious and constructive dialogue to remove all obstacles and based on the principles of the Constitution and previous agreements and papers presented lhalhalh conditions Access to a comprehensive national solution. According to a presidential statement “morning” received a copy, it was welcomed initiatives through current events that push towards détente and get closer to conditions satisfactory solutions to all.

The center of this picture, a political source said the “morning”: that “a meeting of the three presidencies this week will take place at the residence of President Jalal Talabani, attended by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Parliament Speaker Osama al” .. The source expected that the yield of the meeting positive results, especially he would discuss the crisis between the center and the region and problems of political between the blocks, especially with regard to differences between the State of Law coalition and the Iraqi List, in addition to the research setting a date for a broad national meeting. also said the leadership of the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman, the “morning” that he will be in two days, determine the date for a meeting of the three presidencies. Othman added that he “will also schedule a national meeting, according to the proximity of the deadline set by the letter of Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to the National Alliance. The deadline Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr, according to the letter sent to the National Alliance on Thursday, while denied the power Sadr yesterday that the time limit for the 15-day goal to withdraw confidence from the government. in the meantime, said sources close to the Iraqi List, the latter will be discussed in the coming days to participate in the national meeting or not. the sources said the “morning”: that a large number of Congress list support participate in the meeting.


Close to him: Maliki asked President Talabani, the early convening of National Conference + Analysis by Mr. IQD

HAT TIP:  The IQD Team

Howdy Friends!!!  Monday has some really encouraging news!!!

We picked up this encouraging news today, the only thing we have to caution you about is the part where Maliki says he “agrees”  with what is “constitutional“!  What a jerk!!!!

If you don’t remember from our earlier posts about this, Maliki is using the technicality that the Power Sharing Agreement is not “constitutional” – why is it not “constitutional” – well because he has not “announced it” yet!!!  He signed the agreement, but it has to be “announced” then it is “constitutional”!!!  That is why we say he is being a “jerk”!!!

Well, at least the process is moving forward and Maliki is getting nervous and scared!!!

~ Mr. IQD

05.07.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad (news) A member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Izzat Shahbandar, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is serious to resolve the political crisis, revealing the request of al-Maliki of President Jalal Talabani, to expedite the convening of the Conference National. He Chenbdr in a telephone conversation with the (agency news ) on Monday: that al-Maliki wants to resolve the crisis and is ready to implement what was agreed upon condition, that does not conflict with the Constitution, warned of “procrastination” holding the National Conference. He noted: the existence of political forces that want to block the National Conference, in order to aggravate the political situation and re- elections. Shahbandar said a close associate of al-Maliki: The Prime Minister asked the day of President Jalal Talabani, to speed up convening of National Conference and the call of the Preparatory Committee for the preparation of the conference agenda and determine the day of his contract.THANKS BACARDI RICKORIGINAL SOURCE:

URGENT NEWS!!! Source: "Parties in the National Alliance will be on the blocks and Khuzaie Shahristani instead of Maliki"

HAT TIP:  Baghdadiya News

Photo Courtesy of Baghdadiya NewsFolks, this is truly HOT NEWS!!!  According to the source, within hours Maliki could be replaced with either Shahristani or Khuzaie as Prime Minister!!!

This shows that the Political Blocks have had enough of Maliki’s antics and stall tactics, not to mention his high levels of corruptions which as you may remember extends to stealing possibly $Billions of dollars from Oil Sales!!!  Which explains why Maliki was so darn mad at the Kurds for making their “own” contracts with Exxon and other Oil Companies! 

But, lets not get too excited, even though replacing Maliki would appear to be a HUGE STEP FORWARD for activating the Power Sharing Ageement, Erbil and eventually our RV of the IQD Currency, we must be patient!  It could happen right away, or it could happen this time next year!    🙂

~ Mr. IQD

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. parliamentary source in the National Alliance, Wednesday, that the parties in the coalition will be during the next few hours the rest of the blocks Continue reading

Maliki declares readiness to discuss Erbil agreement with leaders after the five blocs threatened withdraw of confidence (two articles)

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Article One: Maliki declares its readiness to implement the Erbil Iraqi leaders calls for dialogue and wise is supported by
Date: Wednesday, 02-05-2012 09: 43 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) …Islamic Supreme Council President Ammar wise support to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, the Iraqi list, Maliki invited to sit at the table of dialogue through the National Conference.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during his gathering meeting (Islamic call) with the Islamic Supreme Council Tuesday evening attended by a reporter (News Agency news) on all political forces, notably the Iraqi list to understand the political situation and solve problems through national conference.

Maliki said: “I call upon the Iraqi leaders to sit down at the table of dialogue and resolve outstanding problems,” implementation of the provisions of the Convention: readiness of Arbil which don’t conflict with the Constitution.

And between Al-Maliki: the political situation requires a frank dialogue and sit at the pool all the political blocs to resolve the crisis, readiness for the implementation of the Convention.

Prime Minister: Iraq today is to play a significant role in the Middle East and strongly, so we need to resolve internal problems soon.

Said President Ammar al-Hakim’s Supreme Council for Islamic support for Maliki, said: the Government, the Supreme Council and its President supports in all its joints, and that will solve problems.

Added: political blocs must sit at the table of dialogue and resolve the crisis in accordance with the Constitution, and this is what should happen in the coming days.

Noted: that the Supreme Council would call Islamic Prime Minister through the National Alliance and will in all cases contribute to solving the crisis, stressing the need to resolve the crisis through the Constitution.

Article Two: Disclosure agreement to withdraw confidence from Penta Maliki

Anticipating the Iraqi coalition Attorney Iyad al-samarrai, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki responds with nine axes of the pentalateral meeting held in Erbil, revealing the agreement took place between the five Parties (Talabani, Barzani, Allawi, alngivi, chest) to withdraw confidence in Maliki in the absence of implementation of paragraphs which have been discharged.

Samarrai said in a statement (News Agency news) that Maliki will go along with the paragraphs of the pentalateral meeting held in Arbil last week and will reach understandings with all political blocs to resolve outstanding problems between them.

The axes of the five leaders agreed that was sent to the Prime Minister’s implementation, noting that parties combined will work jointly to implement those axes consisting of (9) points.