Close to him: Maliki asked President Talabani, the early convening of National Conference + Analysis by Mr. IQD

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Howdy Friends!!!  Monday has some really encouraging news!!!

We picked up this encouraging news today, the only thing we have to caution you about is the part where Maliki says he “agrees”  with what is “constitutional“!  What a jerk!!!!

If you don’t remember from our earlier posts about this, Maliki is using the technicality that the Power Sharing Agreement is not “constitutional” – why is it not “constitutional” – well because he has not “announced it” yet!!!  He signed the agreement, but it has to be “announced” then it is “constitutional”!!!  That is why we say he is being a “jerk”!!!

Well, at least the process is moving forward and Maliki is getting nervous and scared!!!

~ Mr. IQD

05.07.2012 | (Voice of Iraq)

Baghdad (news) A member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Izzat Shahbandar, Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is serious to resolve the political crisis, revealing the request of al-Maliki of President Jalal Talabani, to expedite the convening of the Conference National. He Chenbdr in a telephone conversation with the (agency news ) on Monday: that al-Maliki wants to resolve the crisis and is ready to implement what was agreed upon condition, that does not conflict with the Constitution, warned of “procrastination” holding the National Conference. He noted: the existence of political forces that want to block the National Conference, in order to aggravate the political situation and re- elections. Shahbandar said a close associate of al-Maliki: The Prime Minister asked the day of President Jalal Talabani, to speed up convening of National Conference and the call of the Preparatory Committee for the preparation of the conference agenda and determine the day of his contract.THANKS BACARDI RICKORIGINAL SOURCE:

Araji urges Talabani to Specify Close Date for Upcoming National Meeting


Happy Wednesday Friends!

This news is encouraging since we do need a date for the National Conference!

If you remember the post from yesterday, the Agenda has been agreed to and will be delivered to all Political Blocks today or tomorrow!

We have the Agenda, and now we just need the date!!! We’ll keep watching!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 17:18 | | | Baghdad (AIN) –

The head of Ahrar bloc, Baha al-Araji urged “The President, Jalal Talabani, to specify a close date for the upcoming national meeting.”

A statement by Araji’s office received by All Iraq News Agency (AIN) cited “During its last meeting, the Preparatory Committee has finished preparing the agenda draft which is sent to Talabani to send copies to the Kurdistani Alliance and the Iraqiya Slate,” noting that

“If the KA and the IS have observations concerning the agenda, they should present them in a meeting to finalize the agenda with Talabani’s attendance.”

“If they do not have observations, Talabani should set the date for the national meeting soon,” the statement noted.

“The agenda involves three principals including the first which is the principals of the national meeting, the second is to adhere to the constitution in all its sides, applying Erbil Agreement,” the statement added. “The stage is so sensitive, we have to settle the disputes through this meeting,” the statement concluded. /End/

HOT NEWS!!! Completion of the Iraqi National Agenda of the Meeting within 48 hours!!!

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This is HOT News!!!  We were not expecting the Preparatory Committee to have this Agenda ready so soon!!! 

Remember the Preparatory Committee has members from each of the large political blocks to negotiate this agenda, so for them to sort out the differences co quickly, is very encouraging!!!

Therefore, if they agreed on this new agenda for their “bosses” like Maliki, Talibani, Allawai and Barzani – this is really heading us in the correct direction toward our long-awaited RV.  😉

But, CAUTION, the Hack Gurus will suddenly be posting their “super secret intel sources – which (obviously) cannot be divulged and be calling “for the RV” over these next 2 or 3 days…. (right Okie, Bondlady, Miskebam, if that is your name… LOL!!!)

~ Mr. IQD

05:03 01/05/2012 Khandan- The National Alliance in charge of preparing the paper on the national agenda of the meeting, the completion of the preparation of the paper, explaining that he will distribute them to the political blocs, including the Iraqi List, through (48) hours.
A member of a coalition of state law, the National Alliance MP Haitham al-Jubouri in a statement to “Khandan”: that the National Alliance completed the preparation of a paper agenda of the meeting the national charge prepared by, which include a commitment to the implementation of the Continue reading

BREAKIN NEWS Khuza'e calls Preparatory Committee of National Meeting to meet on Tuesday


22/04/2012 20:26:00
Baghdad (NINA) – Vice President, Khuday’yer al-Khuza’e call for a meeting of the Preparatory Committee of the National Meeting, to meet at 5:00 pm Tuesday, Apr. 23.

A statement issued by the Vice President’s Office said, “Khuza’e call for a meeting of the Preparatory Committee came in coordination with President Talabani.”

The Preparatory Committee for the National Meeting, consisted of representatives of the three major blocs, the National Alliance, the Kurdish Alliance and Iraqiya slate, held a number of meetings; but it did not reach an agreement on an agenda for the National Meeting, which was scheduled for the 5th of current April, but was postponed until a further notice.

President Talabani called on the Preparatory Committee to intensify its efforts toward reaching an agreement on the agenda for the National Meeting and set a new date for its meeting. / End