Analysis of Hammerman Conference Call Post – April 16, 2012

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Hello to our Guru Hunting Mates!

Today we turn our sights away from that dumb-ass Okie Oil Man to an even dumber-ass Hammerman!  Below you will find a post earlier today (April 16, 2012) from Hammerman who states his “intel” says very accurately (ha ha ah) between the 17th and the 25th!!! 

Dr. Shabibi of Iraq's CBIThe ONLY ‘intelligent’ thing said in his post is (and we quote): “Shabibi is the man and he’s the only one in the world that knows exactly when this will go down.” – So, take that as the BEST ADVICE Hammerman has ever given!

And now NEVER rely on his crap “intel” that just drives you crazy and causes you to lose sleep, or worse yet, bet your next month’s rent on buying a IQD Reserve!!!

Be SMART, and just check first with the which is the official website for The Central Bank of Iraq!  If it has RV’s it will only take a matter of seconds to propagate throughout the entire globe’s computers!

We also would like to mention that these hack gurus keep talking about baskets of currency, or hold up like as Hammerman mentions other countries like China.  Anyone that has a background in International Finance and Business knows that this is Continue reading