Hello Dinarian Friends!

Our Mr. IQD Team has been reading and researching ALL of the “Bank Packages” that are currently being offered by all our usual suspect hack gurus! 

Here are some of the ones we were looking at from various blog posts:

JonnyWG – Bank Package

Bulldog75 – Bank Package

Bulldog75 – 2nd Bank Package

Blaino – Planet Dinar – Prosperity Packages

Brad Huebner – BH Group – Consolidated Group Wells Fargo Package

There are MANY MORE being offered, but you get the idea…..  LOL!!!

We finally came to the conclusion that we can “offer” to YOU our own EXCLUSIVE BANK PACKAGE that will be SAFER AND BETTER than those being issued by those clearly inconsistent – calling the RV every other day – slimy (in our opinion) Hack Gurus!

If you would like to learn more about getting Mr. IQD’s exclusive “Bank Packages” then click here: Continue reading

HOT! Blaino ("Draino") Calls RV – 1 Year Ago Today! – MrIQD's This Day In RV History!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Daddy (Archive: June 28, 2011)

Blaino (“Draino”) sent out an email today (June 28, 2012) stating that there is an urgent call tonight because has reached Dinaricon Level 5!!!

Well, we quickly did an internet search, and found several other times including in May 2012, and December 2011, that he has already called for a “Dinaricon Level 5” – which is his “code” for its gunna RV NOW!!!

But, the gem for our new feature “This Day In RV History” is found on DinarDaddy’s website’s Archive reprinted below (with direct link), and the screen shot provided. 

Blaino calls for RV on June 27, 2011 – yes folks, he was saying the same ‘urgent dinaricon level 5’ garbage a full year ago!!!

In our opinion you need to stay far away from this crackpot hack guru and his side kicks including Hammerman!  We feel they are just trying to steal your private information, and we feel they have a proven track record of being untrustworthy in the Dinarian Community!  Don’t support them, Don’t purchase their products and legal Trusts!  You should always seek your own LOCAL Professional help!

~ Mr. IQD


* Blaino Update: Planet Dinar 5/27/11 Evening

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Source: Dinar Daddy’s Tidbits

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Blaino Claims wil rv this weekend,TAKEN FROM ANOTHER SITE

6:17 PM
[Blaino] Citizens of, visitors and guests… I thought an update was in order… been a long, long day…. no sleep so far since night before last… so running on empty. Anyway, It appears that that we will be seeing the rate more like Sunday morning…. they Continue reading


We at Mr. IQD are just so proud of our work!!!

In only two weeks of our crusade to EXPOSE these hack Gurus and down right Con Men who have been freely lying and deceiving our friends within the IQD Community we have now found VALIDATION that we are HITTING ON NERVES!!!

Below are some Tweets we just found from that SCUM BLAINO!!!

Yes, in our opinion (which we are entitled to) we believe the person calling himself “Draino”.. Errrr, we mean “Blaino”.

He is scum who is working really hard with his crap websites, including to con you in to bogus scams including this ridiculous Trust Scheme of his and his cohorts!!!

Now in his tweets he is threatening us….. Aweeeee how cute! 😉   almost as cute as his lil green PD Martian!!!

Fine DRAINO…  Let your Attorneys meet our Attorneys!!! And our friend who is a Superior Court Judge.

But, we are pretty certain that after what you’ve already done to your former webmaster “Seeker” (see Mr.IQD Post: ) you have many more things to worry about!!!  We are pretty sure “Seeker” would love to talk with our Attorneys also!


It is our opinion that Dinarians should be saving every penny they have right now, possibly even purchasing a little more Dinar if it suits them and they can truly afford it.  What they don’t need is to buy expensive Trusts from a hack like you and your cohorts!

Folks, trusts can be properly set up by professional Attorneys in conjunction with your CPA and Tax Attorney and other Estate Planning Professionals POST RV!  In our opinion, there is absolutely no need for you to spend your hard-earned money on this now! 

~ Mr. IQD


Documentation beats conversation & your BS! Lawyers are on the hunt for YOU NOW mrIQD, cant wait! RUN! HIDE! dirt bag!


Court will be a blast as NONE of this has any truth at all! seeker will go down with you DIRT BAG! Documentation!

save your $$$, my LAWYER is coming!

Exposing The Lies and affiliated websites of Planet Dinar


The following post was sent to us via another anonymous email, and in light of the post that we just made from Seeker who is exposing Blaino as a fraud and uncaring person, we felt that this additional information should be posted as well!

~ Mr. IQD Review forwards to which says that Planet Dinar was originally built as a Post RV site. It has an IP address of which it shares with Although the registration information for is hidden, the redirecting site, shows Blaine Fogel mr.blaino at, P.O Box 116, Fulton, MO 65251

Planet Dinar claims to be “The Clear Leader among informed and interested Dinarians throughout the Universe!”. They are hosted on Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727. Server IDs: of 72697070656466726f6d697261716 and 964696e61726d6f6e65792e636f6d, and all used nameserver of also shared IP with,, and states “Blaino and Hammerman proudly announce the debut of We found Dennis Boyle (aka seeker) who claims to have worked for Blaine Fogel at Planet Dinar and explains in great detail his story.

Search google for Blaine Fogel dinar

The website offers membership for a fee and promotes National Credit Federation with this statement:We have introduced National Credit Federation just this week with special pricing available nowhere else that more than pays for your Planet Dinar Membership and then some with the savings! Check it out at but you MUST be a member to get the special pricing!

As you can see below, shared the same server as under IP address

I would do further research yourself on google for before acting on any information from the site!