HAMMERMAN ACCUSED of Living with Parents, A Thief and a Liar by A Mod Caller Last Night!!!

Well friends this is a post that even Blaino will love…. HaHaHa!!!  The “Planet Dinar” World Turns drama, back stabbing and hype is better than a daytime soap opera!!!

We have the link to Hammerman’s Conference Call last night, you can find that below!

So, we tortured ourselves to listen in last night, to save you the trouble, and when we were just about ready to hang up… Something amazing happened with one of Hammerman’s Mods around the 15 minute mark….!!!!

After all of his “fake” Mods who were singing his praises (and making us want to throw up with disgust)!

But then, AN UNPLANNED EVENT,  a lady Mod of his, with a mysteriously deep voice, quickly got her words in before Hammerman was able to MUTE her!!! 


He responded with a bunch of “oh poor is me I’m a victim” crap that makes you just want to choke!

Next, on the call Hammerman is saying that he believes it will “RV” this Wednesday or Thursday.  Huh?  How many times have we heard that before???!!!

Okay, so, lets pretend that Hammerman is correct, that it will “RV” Wed or Thur….

Then WHY IN THE HECK IS HE ASKING FOR “DONATIONS” AND YOU TO BUY HIS CRAPPY “PINK T-SHIRTS” for $19.99 to help him get money because he is out of work??? 

We have to ask!!!  How many of you are also out of work and need money too???

Folks, first, why should we feel sorry for him being out of work, that is NOT an excuse to lie and steal from people!!! 

His arguments just DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!!! 

If he truly believes it will “RV” on Wed or Thursday, and he will become a multi-millionaire – they why does he need you to buy his crap pink t-shirts or send him your hard earned money for donations???!!!  He is obviously a con man and a liar!!! 

Well, below is the call link so you can torture yourself with his hype and self love! 

Just be cautioned that we believe he is a 100% con man and time and history is proving its self out even now!  So, don’t get lulled in to his lies and rhetoric!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Hammerman call July 9th Playback numbers and recording:

REPLAY:  760-569-7699  PIN 753055#

TIP:  We highly recommend you put a *67 in front of this number to BLOCK your Caller Identity.  These Conference Services, like Free Conference Call HD sends a “Caller’s Report” with phone numbers to the person that owns that original call.  So, if you DON’T want Hammerman (or any other Hack Guru) to get your Phone Number, then use *67, then the phone number. 

EXAMPLE TO DIAL:    *67 760 569 7699 on your phone, then the PIN#

Exposing The Lies and affiliated websites of Planet Dinar


The following post was sent to us via another anonymous email, and in light of the post that we just made from Seeker who is exposing Blaino as a fraud and uncaring person, we felt that this additional information should be posted as well!

~ Mr. IQD

PlanetOfDinar.com Review

PlanetDinar.com forwards to PlanetOfDinar.com which says that Planet Dinar was originally built as a Post RV site. It has an IP address of which it shares with dinarian.com. Although the registration information for PlanetOfDinar.com is hidden, the redirecting site, PlanetDinar.com shows Blaine Fogel mr.blaino at gmail.com, P.O Box 116, Fulton, MO 65251

Planet Dinar claims to be “The Clear Leader among informed and interested Dinarians throughout the Universe!”. They are hosted on Microsoft-IIS/6.0 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727. Server IDs: of 72697070656466726f6d697261716 and 964696e61726d6f6e65792e636f6d

PlanetDinar.net, PlanetDinar.com and PlanetOfDinar.com all used nameserver of PlanetOfDinar.com. PlanetOfDinar.com also shared IP with rvgettogethers.com, iqdnospinzone.com, iqdguru.com and MySeacretTeam.com.

Dinarian.com states “Blaino and Hammerman proudly announce the debut of Dinarian.com. We found Dennis Boyle (aka seeker) who claims to have worked for Blaine Fogel at Planet Dinar and explains in great detail his story.

Search google for Blaine Fogel dinar

The website offers membership for a fee and promotes National Credit Federation with this statement:We have introduced National Credit Federation just this week with special pricing available nowhere else that more than pays for your Planet Dinar Membership and then some with the savings! Check it out at nationalcreditfederation.com/blaino but you MUST be a member to get the special pricing!

As you can see below, Nationalcreditfederation.com shared the same server as PlanetDinar.com under IP address

I would do further research yourself on google for planetdinar.com before acting on any information from the site!


Blaine Fogel (Blaino) EXPOSED by his former Webmaster Seeker – Tells All about Planet Dinar and Blaino's Corruption!!!

HAT TIP: Dinar Vets

The following has been copied as was sent to us from an anonymous email tip!



~ Mr. IQD

I (seeker) do not approve-condone the paysite ‘Planet Dinar’ or its ownership’s actions


Most of you know me as someone who believes that we should live our lives with honesty & integrity as our priorities <> I spent several months as the site administrator for Planet Dinar when it was a ‘free site’ – working 14-16hrs per day, 7 days a week building the site membership and serving the owner Blaine Fogel, ‘Blainos’ best interests <> I recently had a falling out with Blaino because he was rushing to convert to a paysite <> I did my best to negotiate with him to ensure that people who paid would be getting a fair deal <> when the new site was announced Blaino ‘doubled’ the cost we agreed on from $3.99 per month to $6.99 per month <> he claimed and I quote “the people will gladly pay it” <> afterwards He said to me and I quote “I will sleep with the devil to make it Continue reading