You’re Invited To Okie’s “POST RV” Party – Photos & Details


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We have been hearing rumblings about various “Post RV” parties in the Dinar Community. Well, it got our contributor Marc G thinking, what if Okie the Oil Man were to give a “Post RV” party – what would it be … Continue reading

Nationalist tendencies .. A new coalition within a coalition of "Iraq"


Happy Saturday!!! Finally some interesting news to share!

This may have nothing to do with the RV or taking out Maliki – but, we tend to think there may just be something to this formation of a new Political Party in Iraq! We will see next week!

~ Mr. IQD

Baghdad / Orr News

Informed political sources on that next week will see the announcement of a new political alliance fall under a tent coalition in Iraq. A political source told (UR) attended the final meeting, during which the final touches on the deal, which will be announced next week at a news conference, said the new alliance led by one senior politicians of Arab nationalism, and includes political figures from outside the coalition in Iraq.