RANT! (Part 1 of 3) Snoopy’s “OPEN LETTER” to Mr.IQD – “THE BLAME GAME”


Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, Snoopy said him/herself that s/he was “long winded” and I guess Snoopy was right, because on the tail of last week’s 2-part RANT! Snoopy has MUCH more to say, making this the first installment of a 3-part RANT!  So, without wasting anymore time, here we go…

An open letter to Mr. IQD:

I recently read with much interest, your emails you send out to those who have registered with your Mr. IQD web site regarding how the TNT group (“Hack” gurus) are trying to sabotage and intimidate you by censoring your right to speak the TRUTH.

It appears you have HIT A MAJOR NERVE with the TNT group and they are retaliating by accusing or blaming you for certain things that are factually inaccurate as provided by your evidence to the contrary.

This tactic is an age-old trick used to divert attention away from them and cast doubt and blame on (you).


Psychologists state: “It is not uncommon for people who engage in blaming behavior, like these “Hack” gurus, to also engage in selfish behavior, and as long as they are getting Continue reading