RANT! #1GOORU Congratulates Outsider

Hey Dinarians,

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So, here is #1GOORU’s comments and congrats to Outsider’s Rant!

Anonymous Name / Handle: # 1GOORU
Comment: Response to Outsider’s Rants:
Please keep it up, Outsider! Mr. IQD and you can be OUR Continue reading

Rant! Outsider calls out Dinar Rec(r)aps for being irresponsible!

Hello Dinarians,

Did it RV yet?….   LOL!!!  Ok, seriously I got another anonymous email from this person “Outsider” and he/she really lays in to Dinar Re-Craps… err, sorry Recaps.  

Rant!One thing that I wanted to first clarify is that Dinar Recraps does not call IQD rates & dates – they however repost Hack Guru garbage with not even one single effort to screen their garbage, or attempt to “fact-check” it.  

I do believe they have a disclaimer posted somewhere on their website, maybe if you find it, you can send me the link…

It is my opinion that Dinar Recraps is no better than those Hack Gurus, because of their policy to just republish all the garbage “as-is” with no regard to their readers.

And I believe that “Outsider” feels the same way – have a gander at his/her post:

Name or Handle: outsider
Comment (please see note above): another post sent to the Dinar Recaps folks.

Maybe with enough of them they’ll mend their ways or even better, shut themselves down.

I see you Dinar Recaps folks have chosen to keep up the game. Instead of planning your Continue reading

Rant! Outsider tells off the Hack Gurus!

Hello Dinarians,

Wow, I’m still on a “high” from yesterday’s GREAT (real) News about Iraq’s Parliament passing the Election Law!


Well, this morning I opened up my email box and got this awesome rant by a person calling themselves “outsider”!  

He really tears in to those Hack Gurus!  Note that in his rant below, he is referring to the Hack Guru’s website(s), not mine….  Enjoy!  🙂

Name or Handle: outsider
Website (if you have one and want to share): http://hardly
Comment (please see note above): Sent this to the dinar recaps folks, you may want to add mtn goat, spguru to your list of “hack guru’s.”

I put these comments out only because I have been watching this site recently upon the encouragement of another dinar holder. I have seen in this short time a myriad of reasons as to why this RV is about to happen, only to fall through for some unknown cause of reason. I have seen people profess to be, “in the know.” yet they cannot Continue reading