A Summary of the Current Crisis in Iraq, and Maliki’s Rapid Loss of His Power!

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The following is a well done summary of the current crisis in Iraq, and Maliki’s rapid loss of his Power!

This also includes some of Arthur’s opinion, which we feel is right on target!

Hopefully it will give you a better perspective of the recent News.

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Posted: January 3, 2013 @ 7:41 am (EST) by Arthur

IMHO it is now quite obvious that those that keep touting that this is out of Iraq’s hands are totally misguided. The whole world, including the US and China wants this to Continue reading

A wide wave of objections to Maliki’s PRESS CONFERENCE!!! WOW!!!

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01/12/2012 (23:00 pm) – The news about the “summit meeting” between leaders

Baghdad / Iyad al-Tamimi, Wael grace

Remarks REGARDING Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’S PRESS CONFERENCE on Saturday, INITIATED A wave objections ON A wide range FROM different parties, as promised THE Iraqi List “measures IT tantamount to a declaration of war” rejecting this escalation, at a time when lawmakers said in response that the parties to withdraw confidence are “better off and stronger today,” a comment on the interview Maliki on “measures” may be taken with the opponents on his policies.

This comes at a time WHERE the country has seen a movement pointing the leader of the National Alliance (MALIKI) AS WELL AS the head of the Badr Organization Hadi al-Amiri made a surprise visit to Kirkuk and Sulaimaniya, where THEY met there with President Jalal Talabani and stressed the reference of Article 140, the first visit to the Kurdistan region by a senior Shi’ite official close to the Maliki since the outbreak of the crisis Tuz.

In a statement to the “long” yesterday, said a spokeswoman for the Iraqi List, Maysoon al SAID THAT TALABANI rejected this escalation AND CALLED everyone TO arbitration AND language of reason and come to the dialogue table, and drew that “Maliki who signed the Convention 2009 (A DEAL ON THE DISPUTED TERRITORIES) on the joint forces, INCLUDING THE IRAQI LIST (TO SECURE THESE AREAS AS THS US TROOPS WERE LEAVING), BUT THERE was concern directLY RELATED TO these areas; the fact that the audience is from the majority of these areas, but THE WAS NO agreement with the Kurds, and the Office of the Adjutant General WAS ORDERED to respect past agreements and TO SHOW restraint. ”

Damluji suggested the possibility of holding a meeting at the level of senior leaders combines all parties objecting to MALIKI’S policy exploiting the army in a dispute with Arbil.

In the same vein, the NATIONAL alliance rejected Kurdish forces, within the House of Representatives ATTEMPT TO HOST Prime Minister’s to sit at the table of dialogue to resolve the political crisis between Baghdad and Erbil. Houkal Coalition, in a press conference held in the House of Representatives and attended the “long” yesterday that “the Kurdistan Alliance bloc rejects Maliki’s call to meet them to inadequate political atmosphere”, adding that “the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces did not take practical steps to end the crisis with the territory because he refused in the final moments of what has been reached between the delegations of the Ministries of Peshmerga and the defense in the federal government. “(BASICALLY THEY WOULD NOT MEET WITH EACH OTHER AND THEREFORE WE ARE IN THIS PRESENT QUAGMIRE)

The Kurdish Alliance saw that “the political process at a critical juncture and the political blocs in parliament to intervene and work to find solutions to end the constitutional problems between the province and the center, and not be underestimated waved armed forces or the formation of illegal military”.

Said Farhad Atroshi, the leader of the Kurdistan oath, that “the negotiating team, who came to Baghdad, he knew that the negotiations failed and that most of the 14 points on the agenda will face Humane especially those relating to operations of the Tigris.”

Atrushi, told the “long” yesterday, that “the Kurdish delegation DID reach an agreement ON three OF THE 14 POINTS, AND this means that Baghdad is trying to INSIGHT dramatic crises,” attributing it to “the proximity of the local elections (APRIL 2013) through control of disputed areas and which is a mixture of Arabs and Kurds. ”

Kurdish lawmaker DENIED MALIKI’S STATEMENT THAT A delegation WAS SENT TO Arbil FOR negotiatIATIONS AND had rejected an agreement in 2009 between the Federal Government and the Government of Arbil, adding that “the agreement was stipulated that the protection of the disputed areas between the federal police and the Peshmerga forces,” and accused al-Maliki OF TRYING “to create a new crisis through force of Baghdad and Aqahamha in these areas. ”

Did not rule out THE POSSIBILITY IN the coming days WE WILL SEE THE OPPOSITION at the level of political mobility to stand against Maliki policy which provoked all components of the people.”

Mahma Alliance Khalil WAS surpriseD WHEN HE HEARD THE Prime Minister talk about “measures” may be taken against the parties WHO WISH to withdraw confidence. He THREATENED TO USE OF unprecedented measures against those who renew talk about the option of withdrawing confidence” AS IT is unacceptable, “stressing” THEIR remarks ARE unconstitutional, because the constitution DOES NOT allow FOR no confidence and parliament IS free to withdraw confidence or renew IT and can not be any authority that force him not to carry out his work. ”

Khelil said in a telephone yesterday for “term” that “Maliki spoke in this very bad time and climb from the ongoing crisis between the province and the center.”

A member of the Kurdistan Alliance SAID THAT that those who seek to re-launch the withdrawal of confidence ARE “better off than THEY WERE before.”

“Today there are two projects TO THWART Maliki first no-confidence motion and the other determine the mandate of the President to two constituencies in government, non-renewable.”

In the same vein, said the independent MP from the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said in an interview to the (long-Presse), commenting on Maliki’s remarks which he described as “very provocative “, “We must now wait for the coming of the President to Baghdad and begin his initiative again, in light of the response with by others that we can know whether there is a possibility to resolve the crisis. ”

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