Shabandar: national meeting will be held after the middle of this month


We will see….. But at least we have a “Target” to watch.

Just remember this can be delayed, this is no “guarantee” that Shabibi will “RV” the IQD either!

~ Mr. IQD

Revealed the leadership in the State of Law Coalition MP Izzat Shabandar, that the national meeting will be held after the middle of this month.

Shabandar said in a statement, “news”, said on Tuesday that the national meeting will be held after the middle of this month and it will be a new horizon to find valid ground to resolve differences.

He Shabandar, that meetings primaries President Jalal Talabani and the convening of the national meeting seriousness of the convergence of views between the political blocs, pointing to the existence of a focus on the terms of Arbil but issues concerning the state’s largest of the Erbil much because the state did not on a sound basis and can not be addressed implementation of the terms of Arbil.

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NEWS!! Talibani's National Meeting will be attended by al-Maliki and Barzani and Allawi

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The news is finally looking better today!

Lets just hope they all do get together on Thursday as this article suggests!

~ Mr. IQD

The time on Wednesday, September 26 / September 2012 09:31 | | Baghdad / Orr News

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance, Mahmoud Othman said that President Jalal Talabani will arrive on Thursday to Baghdad from Sulaimaniya.

Osman said the Agency (Orr) that “Talabani’s visit to Arbil is the last before returning to Baghdad to hold some political meetings,” adding that “the purpose of Talabani’s visit to Arbil come to make some political meetings on the current situation and try to Continue reading

Maliki threatens to go to Parliament to Ask the Majority to Choose the President of the Republic and a New Prime Minister

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Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that the meeting has become a national necessity and can not be postponed, warning that otherwise Vsivhb request to Parliament for the majority of a new head of government and another for the Republic or early elections.

Maliki said in an interview with Al-Iraqiya television that the problems that are now presented in front of the screen is much more behind the scenes, noting that some people do not want to meet the national to be held because it will reveal all the files and issues and irregularities that they make.

And between al-Maliki that “the national meeting will revive the Constitution because he is dead now, and is not effective and the partners are the ones who Omatwa Constitution when they refused the national meeting, pointing out that all who commits a violation is a partner in the fatality of the Constitution. Maliki has demanded the president to hold the national meeting and presentation of old and new problems, Mgira between sit down and respond to the demand of resorting to the constitution at the national meeting, or review process at the origin of the formation of the state to go through Parliament.


Deputy Kordestani: Preparatory Committee meeting this week; President Talabani date Conference next week

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We liked this article because from our interpretation it looks like Papa Talibani has gotten the three boys (Maliki, Allawi & Barzani) to come together “next week” to meet and to get the National Meeting done!!!

We feel this is the key, Shabibi of the CBI needs to see a stable Gov and the passage of the Oil and Gas law, before he will bless Iraq and the rest of the world with an RV of the IQD!!!

On that note, tell the hack gurus like OOM, Bulldog75, footforward and JonnyWG to go pound some Iraqi Sand with their crap “intel”!!!! BTW, Okie’s plane missed the “Friday” runway now three weeks in a row!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Date: Saturday, 21-04-2012 02: 44 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … A member of the Kurdish Alliance Deputy/Kurdish blocs Coalition/Hassan Jihad, that the Preparatory Committee will hold a meeting this week, adding that next week the President Jalal Talabani will determine the date of the Conference national.

Jihad said in a statement (News Agency news) on Saturday: there were attempts by some political blocs to convene a round table comprising the leaders of the first row of blocks, as there is another view of the National Conference, stating: Preparatory Committee for the Conference will hold a meeting this week, to unify the positions of political blocs and worksheet line.

Kurdish Deputy, said that after the completion of the Preparatory Committee, will the President Jalal scheduling conference meeting in consultation with the leadership of blocks to determine the date.

Meanwhile, the State of law coalition member of National Alliance Deputy//Kurdish Husseini, the lack of choice of blocks out of the political crisis, both the National Conference, saying (for news): Coalition of State law, first called for the convening of the National Conference, proposed by President Jalal Talabani, and approved by the President, stating: the partners in the political process, who placed the conditions for their attendance at the Conference put the “jump” conventions of the Constitution, their suspected of obstructing the holding of the Conference.