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We are taking a break from “bashing” those Hack Gurus to talk about a recent news story that has hit the national headlines here in America.

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The man had won a scratchers game $1 Million Jackpot, then the next day was mysteriously poisoned by someone close to him – the fingers are pointing to his second wife, who may be allegedly a gold digger.  But, the courts and detectives will sort all that out.

The reason for our letter about this today is when we read this article, we found a slew of other cases where lottery winners were killed or Continue reading

Allawi’s cousin assassinated in Baghdad

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Folks, this is regrettable news, out hearts go out to Allawi’s family.

However, this is clearly an act of desperation by Maliki to try to use the same kind of scare tactics that Saddam used as Dictator!

We strongly feel that based on multiple articles in the News, that Iraq has no tolerance for another Dictator!!!

Which is why we feel this was a fatal mistake by Maliki to order the death of Allawi’s Cousin!

Now, we most likely will see this National Conference held right away, and possibly a vote of No Confidence on Maliki!!!

This cruel act by Maliki clearly shows he is desperate and something BIG is happening against him very soon!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Wednesday, 02 May 2012 11:44 | | |
Baghdad (AIN) –The cousin of the head of the Iraqiya Slate, Ayad Allawi, was assassinated in western Baghdad on Wednesday.

Security source stated to AIN “Unidentified gunmen shot, Sabah Allawi, in front of his house in Harthiya area of western Baghdad,” without giving further details.