TGIF! Flying Cash Shuts Down Maryland Interstate


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Here is something FUN for Friday!

Headline: “Flying Cash Shuts Down Maryland Interstate”

Credit: Newser/Shutterstock


(NEWSER) – Drivers scrambled to grab money flying around a Maryland highway this morning after an armored truck’s door burst open. Maryland State Police say a lock on the truck seems to have malfunctioned, causing the door to open. A bag of cash fell onto Interstate 270 near Urbana, and the bills flew in the air. Police say a number of drivers stopped on the interstate and grabbed what cash they could before a fire department vehicle arrived and turned on its emergency lights. So many drivers stopped that the northbound lanes were essentially shut down, reports the Washington Post.

Responding troopers were able to help the truck’s driver recover about $200. It’s not yet known how much cash was lost. Police urge the drivers who took the cash to return it to the state police barracks in Frederick, or else face charges of theft if they’re found. A police spokesperson describes the scene after the truck driver realized his door had flown open: “By the time he gets over, cash is floating through the air. Most, if not all the vehicles suddenly stopped with people’s hands raised in the air.”


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Close to Maliki manages suspicious financial dealings with a bank in Baghdad

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We saw this article posted up on LJ’s Skype Room, and we wanted to be sure you saw it too!!!

What is great about this article is the “rats” are clearly fleeing from Maliki’s side and releasing proof of just how corrupt Maliki has been!!!

Enjoy and hang in there – it may still be a while, but at least the signs are showing now that the tide is turning against the Malik-ster!!!! LOL!!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Baghdad / Orr News

Informed parliamentary sources revealed all financial and commercial transactions to a deputy close to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki with a bank involved with money laundering in Baghdad. The sources said, who declined to give her name, said the deputy coalition of state law, one of the representatives of the Dawa Party and close to Maliki intercede for trading financial dealings and supply transfers cash to and from one of the banks accused of money laundering and frequented it linked to Iran, through a relative working in the Bank.

The sources added that the transactions for which the deputy directors relating to money laundering and the transfer of currency exchange remittances cash abroad within a complex network to ensure it reaches Iran suffering international sanctions. For her part, Parliamentary Finance Committee that the BSA outlined in his report to the House of Representatives indicators malfunction and money laundering operations and manipulation dollar auction, which cleared through just six Iraqi banks. The MP said Magda Tamimi said the report which was received by Parliament from BSA outlines clear imbalance indicators and suspicions in a foreign currency auction, which cleared through just six top banks operating in Iraqi capital, and pointed to the existence of many question marks about the work of other banks shrouded in mystery.

Tamimi stressed that the House of Representatives after the holiday will discuss details of the report prepared by the Committee calendar with BSA and an opinion questionnaire to the Parliamentary Integrity Committee on Information and documents presented by the report those violations to take appropriate action.


FYI — Ideas For Post-RV Investing – Alternatives To The Hack Gurus!

Happy Friday (TGIF) our Dinarian Friends,

Okay for a long time we have praised the Mutual Funds for being really good alternatives for Investors to consider after the IQD finally revalues to a much higher value that it is currently at today.  Oh, and it didn’t RV last night or Sept 1st as so many of those pesky Hack Gurus keep running their chops about….  But, you are smart, and you already knew that!  🙂

Well anyways, members of our Mr. IQD group are fans of The Ric Edeleman Radio Program, we have even provided some previous posts linking to his website. 

Well, recently he has been really exposing on his radio program the recent reports that have come out about the top leading Mutual Fund Companies for their lack of performance and also for their very high cost and fees to Continue reading



Well so we’re digging through our Mail Bag and we got the following copy of a shameful plea by that scumbag Hack Guru Hammerman!!!

I guess Hammerman saw Kaperoni’s recent pleas for help getting care for his dog, and thought to himself, if it is “good enough” for Kap’s doggie, well I ought to be able to scam people out of donations for my own sorry ass………

Well, as we all know, Kap’s doggie was fine (thankfully) and those who did donate had their donations returned (according to what we heard from Kap).

So, anyways, back to that SCUM Hack Guru Hammerman, really? HAMMERMAN – Get a friggin job at McDonalds OR Starbucks if you need a little short-term cash!!!

Our Dinarian Friends WORK hard for your money from THEIR JOBS!!!

Don’t DISRESPECT our Friends in the Dinarian Community by hitting them up for donations or your “tier 1 / tier 2” Hack Guru “Intel”.

Well anyways, enough ranting – get ready to laugh your ass off from this pathetic plea – we undersand there are many more “sad stories” that Hammerman has been putting out, will you do YOURSELF a Favor, IGNORE THAT IDIOT!!! 🙂

~ Mr. IQD

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2012 8:07 PM
Subject: a word from Hammerman (& hurricane support)

from Hammerman ……..

6:48 PM hammerman: well all is postive still ,,,, im looking for late this weekend for some others mid next week ,,,all imfo on the an on tv iraq say coins on the streets ,, [[but still cant prove ]] as i said they would happen at Continue reading

The Top 10 Investing SCAMS – What to watch out for!!!

HAT TIP:  Ric Edelman Financial (Education / Financial Basics)

Hello Dinarian Friends,

Well, we certainly have been busy digging up articles to help teach you how to better protect yourself and your family from having this RV blessing scammed away from you by some Hack Guru or other Con Artist that have been poaching from our community!

We wanted to share this with you if you have not heard about Ric Edelman.  Disclaimer, no, none of us currently have anything invested with Ric or his Company of Financial Advisors, nor do we earn any kind of referral commissions.  You are more than welcome to Google Ric Edelman directly. 

Top 10 Scams of 2009

Despite efforts to curb fraud and consumer rip-offs, con artists continue to demonstrate their ingenuity. In 2009, swindlers took advantage of the economy’s problems (including unemployment, government stimulus spending and the housing crisis) and headlines about swine flu to lure victims, according to the Better Business Bureau.

Here are the most common scams, according to the BBB’s list (in random order):

1. Stimulus/Government Grant Scams (very popular now!).
Even before President Obama announced the stimulus plan in February 2009, scammers had set up schemes for misleading consumers and small business owners into thinking they could get free government handouts. Offers for worthless advice on how to get government grants bombarded consumers online, over the phone, and via mail and email.

2. Robocalls.
Owning a cell phone or joining the Do Not Call Registry did not help thousands of people who received harassing automated telemarketing calls anyway. Automated messages often falsely claim that your auto warranty is about to expire or offer bogus help in reducing credit card interest rates. Such “robocalls” violate federal telemarketing laws, prompting the Federal Trade Commission to increase restrictions in 2009.

3. Lottery/Sweepstakes Scam.
The victim receives a Continue reading

FRAUD – Nevada Wells Fargo "IQD Cash-In" Tragic Story!!!

Hey Friends,

We just got this in to our Mail Bag today, and added it to our list of stories, but it is just so tragic and worth sharing to warn your friends and family to NOT fall for the Reno, Nevada Wells Fargo “IQD Cash-In” Scheme!!!

Here is the story we just received from a reader:

Name (handle): IQD Common Sense
Your Story About Being Conned…: My story is of a third party individual watching my father’s greed actually drive him to Reno, NV even after i called Wells Fargo Advisors and the other company that operates under the Wells Fargo name in Nevada.

First, I come from banking itself having worked at Wells Fargo for sometime a few years back. I pleaded he not give his IQD to a complete stranger i could not verify nor any old friends verify. So, lets just say he went and spent his money to drive down to met other individuals to collect and accumulate millions supposedly a billion IQD. I shook my head and told him Ill just hold onto my [XXX]USD in IQD. I have always been very cautious about this RV but knowing about banks and their ability to manipulate reserves or foreign currency in their vaults as a reserve… Long story short taking the dinar say 1mm and putting it in an envelope and after the RV finding the envelope that says 1mm yet in a RV or redonimation which is happening the 1mm becomes worthless or the CBI notes become worth 000 less unless the bank manipulates the value by saying they actually have the new IQD and banks now can just destroy the money after swift is used to electronically collect… I think personally its a huge bank scam or pumper scam, but i have [XXX]USD to make something if it really does pan out. we shall see.

Anyways, back to my original point. He keeps hearing that they are next in line and the GROUP before them cashed out at 12 bucks. too good to be true. I still have my money and he doesnt have his.

I think they do this in Nevada because of the gaming laws. THE IQD is not a recognized currency so it can be more or less a play money and I believe the scammers are using Nevada to shield them from prosecution. I would love to see what people sign when they hand them their IQD. probably says in fine print somewhere this is a game and is covered by Nevada’s gaming laws…  [END]


Please Dinarian Friends, Don’t Let A Tragedy Like This Happen To You!  Remember, when the RV finally happens, it will be an AMAZING BLESSING…… UNLESS you don’t protect yourself from these con artist and scammers that are attacking our friends in the Dinar Community!

~ Mr. IQD

How to Avoid a Wholesale Supplier Scam


May 1, 2012  by: Meghan Faye Wolff

If you’re an e-commerce merchant planning to re-sell tangible products, law requires you to have a supplier’s agreement. This is an agreement that states the terms and conditions between you and your wholesale supplier. However, if you’re a start-up e-commerce merchant or you’re thinking about selling products online, you need to be aware of the wholesale supplier scam.

What Is a Wholesale Supplier Scam?

Just like any other type of scam, a wholesale supplier scam comes in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing you need to know is that the scammer created their website to trick you into thinking they’re going to offer you a great deal on wholesale products. Here are the top three most common wholesale supplier scams.

1.       Replica Scam

Not all replica merchandise suppliers are trying to rip you off. However, there are several wholesale suppliers who claim they’re selling you an authentic product—Louis Vuitton handbags, Nike sneakers, Rolex watches—when it’s actually a replica. If you want to sell replica items, that’s fine, but make certain you’re advertising your goods as replicas to avoid any legal problems.

2.       Pay First Scam

You call your wholesale supplier and ask for a shipment of Dell laptops, but they claim they’re out of stock. Before they can re-order their stock of Dell laptops for you, they ask you to pay first. If you run into a situation like this, you should definitely err on the side of caution. While you feel like you can trust the company, this may be a wholesale supplier scam trying to swindle you out of your money without delivering the goods.

3.       Drop Ship Scam

It’s rare to find a wholesale supplier who will drop ship your products for you, but it’s not impossible. You find a supplier, receive a product sample of what you’ll be selling, and its quality is great. However, here’s where the scam kicks into play. When your supplier starts shipping items to your customers, the products they receive are of poor quality. As a merchant, you get stuck with a chargeback as well as having to pay your wholesale supplier for shipping your products.
Warning Signs of a Wholesale Supplier Scam

Spotting the warning signs of a wholesale supplier scam is easy, but takes a little investigative work. However, it’s worth the time and effort if you want to save your business money in the end. Warning signs… (to continue reading article, please visit origianl blog)

About the Author: Meghan Faye Wolff is the senior copywriter and marketing specialist for Instabill Corporation. Instabill provides international and offshore payment processing solutions to e-commerce and MOTO merchants worldwide. Meghan writes about social media marketing, tips for start-up businesses, and e-commerce and payments industry news on the Instabill blog.