HOT STEEMY NEWS UNRAVELING BETH OGLE – a.k.a. "Okie Oil Man"; "Bondlady" and Miskebam – SHOCKING!!!


  • DinarFacts says:

    I have found wonderful information that ties these groups in with many others! I missed it at first, but with the new intel people have been providing me, I’ve got it and it is SHOCKING! I’m confirming one last item and then I’ll post the results!

  • johnny b. says:

    Just another day in dinarland! No one knows what’s really happening because they have all been wrong, every time! Kevin is right, read what Bulldog posts, its all jibberish and all talk about highly favored and blessed, never anything of substance. When someone asks him a pointed question that he doesn’t want to answer he brushes it aside.

    Look at todays post, Bulldog was asked a question about this being ready any moment now since he was reporting for the GET team many months ago and also about if he agrees with the rate of $42.00. His answer is that rates don’t matter, yet he goes on to talk about how high the rate is and continues to talk about the rate constantly in his post. I don’t know if what all of the Intel givers are doing is illegal but I do believe that it improper and unethical to continually give out info that has never been correct and to raise the hopes of so many that are in desperate need of this RV.

    As Okie and Bulldog continually say ” their Intel is ahead of the curve”, well to me it says they are wrong before anyone else is wrong. Please stop the hype and get your egos in check and know that many people hang on to every word you say, because they believe in you. This goes out to all of the Intel providers not just Okie and his site.

  • Kevin says:

    I researched and I am amazed. A con artist never changes. The other name on the OOM chat room or dinarrecaps as well as guru is Bulldog75. He always comes on when Okie makes another mistake and tries to smooth it over. He is the 1st one on recaps I saw this morning. He always makes no sense when he posts and talks gibberish. And always uses Christianity as is fall back. Who is he???? Or is just another name for Okie?? Look at the what he wrote on recaps today.

  • KTF says:

    Oh, it’s illegal and the Internet Crimes Unit is on it now. Beth Ogle can post all the warnings she likes, but doesn’t mean a thing when your running a scheme like this! They will tie it all together, review logs, question people and in the end, you’ll see a big case making the news.

    Go to Oklahoma Business Search, select the advanced search option, then look for the last name of the person or business you’re interested in and you’ll see fantastic intel! Nuff Said!

    Oh man, forgot to add FREELS ENTERPRISE, LLC, uses NV to register businesses as well.

    I think there is a link here between WILLIAM HERZOG and ESTHER SPYRA, anyone got an idea? Flying in low… 


HAT TIP:  Anonymous Email

Hello Fellow Dinarians! 

Oil ManToday we were made aware of the really good investigative work done by – it looks like they HATE “Hack” Gurus, especially Okie Oil Man, as much as we do!!!

BTW, did you know that “Bondlady” and “Miskebam” are the same person???  HaHaHa!!!  Enjoy this read!

Read the email clip below that was sent to us – it does an extremely good job of summarizing “who” the real OOM is!!!  LOL!!!  Then, check out their website for additional documentation!

The “Hunt” is on to “take down” these Hack Gurus!!!  Have a Tip, be sure to send it in!

~ Mr. IQD

NOTE: Only slight formatting changes were made below to the original email sent to us.

Date: Tue, 1 May 2012 11:04:31 -0400

cgal says:
April 30, 2012 at 9:11 pm

It’s pretty cut and dry, don’t you think?
See my comment below, I explain it all. Summed up, Beth Ogle owns all these sites and makes a fortune off referrals and more. She creates all these sites and then finds people like Okie to spin lies about the RV.

She hid behind the vale of secrecy using religion as her way to manipulate the innocent until iraqidinarmoney exposed the evil. Once she realized that her network of dinar pumping sites were obvious and formed one of the biggest schemes on the internet, she panicked and tried to delete incriminating Continue reading