UPDATED — LJ and Straight Talking Mike – Special Call Sunday + Recorded Info

LJ and Straight Talking Mike – Special Call Sunday + Recorded Info

Sunday – 2:00 EST – Dec. 16th

760-569-7699 – PIN: 769478#


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The IQD Team – Highlights & Summary of Last Night's News – Sunday Apr 15th

-Thanks to Brenda for the Summary/Cliff Notes-

The IQD Team’s “Straight Talkin’ Mike” Recaps and Summarizes The Nights News

(Listen to the recording for all of the detailed analysis of the articles discussed – So much great information shared… The following is just a recap of the articles discussed on the call)

All of the articles we discussed tonight seem to say “Maliki’s Plan” – That’s the theme for tonight’s call… Maliki wants to have early elections – he is trying to give himself many outs because if he gets the people poplar coming out – saying he will change all of these things if you just give me one more term – give me more things that I can do – I can make sure this country is great – I can fix it – I can do it all of this for you – I think this is the ploy he is trying.
If he knows there is going to be a vote of No-confidence he will call for early elections and Continue reading