RANT! “Respected” State Senator – Has fallen to Hack Guru!

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Well, I guess I should be careful when I ask a contributor to ‘put that in a Rant!’…..

Mike Diston (yes, the famous Mike that Tony TNT hates) took me at my word and developed this AMAZING RANT!!!  Unbelievable – a former Washington State Senator, Dave Schmidt (LINK) who seemed to have missed 193 votes during his term in office – Hey, isn’t that your job to vote?  

Isn’t that what the people of the State of Washington paid you to do Dave?… To VOTE???  I’m sure you have an excuse for each of those 193 “no shows”….. 

Well, now it looks like the “less than” honorable former State Senator has fallen to such a low to make our Dinar “Hack Gurus” look like Angels!!!  Take a look…

My your dental tooth whitening paid off....

My your dental tooth whitening paid off….

We have another GURU in the realm of Douchebags now. His name is Dave Schmidt and Dinar Douchebags made him Douchebag of the month. He deserves that and more. I thought Tony” TURD” Renfrow had a shady past, this guy equals him.

He was a State Senator in Washington State from 2003-06. The Public Disclosure Commission of WS has claimed that Dave has improperly reimbursed himself $32,260 in unspent donations for wages he claims to have lost serving in the Senate. They say he spent another $9,258 on mortgage payments and association fees for his condo.  [Is that why this guy is now in Arizona? Just askin’ ~ Mr. IQD]

In Sep 2011 this douchebag this guy got together with Steve

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Tony TNT said on his CC that: Mr IQD sent out tweets that the RV already happened” – LIE!!!

Happy Thursday Dinarians,

Well, to my surprise I get a notice from a buddy of mine who happened to listen to Tony TNT Renfrow’s conference call last night (Feb. 26, 2014) on Free Conference Call.


Tony had BLATANTLY LIED (of course what is new?) that I, Mr. IQD was responsible for sending out Tweets that the RV HAS Happened and that is what has BOTHERED HIM!!!….  Bothered Him, really?

LINK To The Call:  https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=IJlkD/dbzjm

Skip to time mark at 2:00 minutes, then start to play. He will talk about Mr. IQD, Baghdad Invest and Mike Diston as working together.   At roughly 2:44 seconds you will hear him specifically say that Continue reading

Campaign To “BAN” MrIQD, Baghdad Invest & Mike Diston on Twitter!

Happy Tuesday Evening Dinarians,

I was just sent the following info by a very loyal friend.  It is a campaign that not only is an effort to SILENCE myself and the other truth crusaders of our community, but it throws mud on the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution, which just really pisses me off.  

I’m posting the copy of the message I just received here and now, for you to do with as you please.

In my opinion Hack Gurus, this is a very “Chicken-Shit” way to conduct yourself!!!  To ask your followers and sheeple to believe you blindly and to simply attack those in our community (without question) who are trying to bring truth and honesty to your lies!  Hey Tony TNT – If you are “right” and have “nothing to hide” THEN, I challenge you to repost 100% of this on your website and also provide the direct link to my post!

[5:44:16 PM] etenhue: 😀 from tnt

[5:44:20 PM] etenhue: Something You Should Know



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