Multipule Rant’s! Against Mr.IQD (from the mail bag)

Happy Monday Dinarians,

Well for efforts to exhibit fairness I wanted to collect two negative comments/questions from visitors to my website over the weekend.  

Now, if you interjected these kinds of negative questions / comments to a Hack Guru’s website – I’m almost 99% positive your comments would have been DELETED and you would be BANISHED from that forum.

Here we go, I’ve ‘underlined‘ their comments I will address below:

Name / Handle – Not Required: D halloe
Comment: Mr. IQD,
We have been in this for some years and have never heard your name mentioned. How do we know you are not just another guru?


Name: Dixie
Email: dixie*****@******** [removed to protect privacy]
Comment: My comment/opinion is as follows:
After stumbling upon this Mr.iqd site, I decided to read some of the rants. And I was agreeing with much of the information and was starting to give the info some merit. But, I have stopped reading and formed my opinion; that this site is complete drama and useless. If you want to know my reason, it is the fact that vulgarness is allowed and when that mindset is involved, go to the Maury Show or Jerry Springer. …you guys should be great for ratings.

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

First, thanks to both of you for your efforts to reach out to me and comment.  I’m sure many Dinarians believe their “negative” comments will just be Continue reading

RANT! #1GOORU questions why the Hack Gurus have not been Arrested yet!

Happy “hump day” Dinarians,

Well, tomorrow is Turkey Day so I’ve decided to double-down today with a good thought provoking Rant! by our friend and contributor #1GOORU.


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: I was trying to send you a few questions and my screen went down, don’t know what you got, if anything.

Wondering how long the authorities are going to allow this nonsense to continue?

Don’t you think at some point the three letter agencies would stop these jokers from Continue reading