RANT! VJ calls Tony TNT and Okie flat out liars!

Happy Christmas Eve Dinarians!

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Well, we found logged deep in our Mail Bag our new friend VJ’s Rant!  

Read for yourself – I’m too busy wrapping Christmas presents for Mrs. IQD to do a long elaborate introduction…

Anonymous Name / Handle: VJ
Comment: This an open letter to TnT Tony and Okie and their followers. Please stop.

Those who are listening to them need to stop.

There is something wrong with everyone. The first lie that was told and accepted was WF was going to let Oakie announce the rv. Do you really believe WF does business like that? Payday loan operaters do not do business like that.
Once that lie was out, this gave these two a Continue reading

ASSET PROTECTION – Traveling 6,283 Miles for Lunch – Beware of the Mirage of "Safety"…..

HAT TIP:  The Sovereign Investor

We were digging through some old email and just happened across this email newsletter from The Sovereign Investor which was sent to us back in January of 2012.

The story about black pearls and off-shore wealth is compelling and eye opening, and it really got us thinking about those hack gurus that are constantly pushing Dinarians for Trusts, LLCs and Off Shore Accounts/Corporations.  With that in mind, read this story, especially the first half.   Another thing to note about investing Off Shore – if you are trying to “hide” money from the IRS – forget it!!!  They have very strict laws and cooperation from International Financial Institutions it will be nearly impossible for you to “hide” your money!  Think about this, if they can find and kill Osama Bin Laden, they can find your money if they want to!!!

Hire a Tax Attorney, and let his firm find Legal ways for you to pay as little tax as you need to.  Also, with Long Term Capital Gains currently being only 15% – that is a very small price to pay for our Freedom and Democratic Society. 

Since there are many States that currently do not have Income Tax and Capital Gains Taxes, you may want to think about moving your “Permanent Residence” to one of those more tax friendly states if you are not already residing in one. 

These are things that your LOCAL Tax Attorney should help you plan out – NOT a Hack Guru selling you crap in this Dinarian Community.

~ Mr. IQD

P.S. Legal Disclaimer – we did NOT just give you tax, legal or financial advice, we just pointed out ideas for you to consider.  Always seek your own local Professional.

Traveling 6,283 Miles for Lunch

By Bob Bauman JD, Chairman, Freedom Alliance

Dear Sovereign Investor,

Few people would travel 6,283 miles for lunch, but that’s just what Cook Islands attorney and trust officer Puai, and his wife and staff manager, Tai, did recently.

We met in a private booth in the back of a restaurant in Delray Beach, Florida, along with Erika, Jeff and Josh from the Sovereign Society.

There were also a few interesting surprises.

At one point, Tai reached gingerly into her purse and extracted a jewelry case, from which emerged some of the Cook Islands’ most beautiful and valuable Continue reading

Trusts, Hedge Funds and LLCs – Oh My!

Hello our Dinarian Buddies!

This post is a WARNING about these hack gurus, and even some who have recently been investigated by the FBI because of their involvement in selling these Trusts, Hedge Funds, Corporate Entities like LLCs, Off-Shore and any other variation!

In general, almost all of us in the Dinarian Community DO NOT NEED ANY OF THESE!!! Especially before the RV!!!

After the RV, depending on your situation, you may need one of these sophisticated financial vehicles!  But, keep reading, because you may not need any of them at all…

To get started, as a rule of thumb, take Warren Buffet’s advice he personally always follows: “I never invest in something that I don’t understand!

So, ask yourself, why am I investing in a hedge fund, or trust with someone I don’t even really know, just someone who keeps using God’s name in vein and is blasphemously asks for us to believe in him while he is picking our pockets!

Did you know that one of these hack “gurus” recently was busted by the FBI for fraud and taking over $3million Dollars of “Dinarian Investor’s” money in a Continue reading