National Partnership in Iraq is over, says Iraqiya Leader

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May 8th, 2012 01:17 pm  ERBIL, May 8 (AKnews) – The national partnership in Iraq is completely over due to PM Nouri al-Maliki’s “unilateralist decision-making”, said Iraqiya leader Ayad Allawi.

Allawi’s statement came during a televised interview with Arabic Sky News. Allawi, Maliki’s election rival, even threatened that he may demand to replace Maliki if he does not comply with previous political agreements.

The Iraqiya leader warned that the Continue reading

Deputy Kordestani: Preparatory Committee meeting this week; President Talabani date Conference next week

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We liked this article because from our interpretation it looks like Papa Talibani has gotten the three boys (Maliki, Allawi & Barzani) to come together “next week” to meet and to get the National Meeting done!!!

We feel this is the key, Shabibi of the CBI needs to see a stable Gov and the passage of the Oil and Gas law, before he will bless Iraq and the rest of the world with an RV of the IQD!!!

On that note, tell the hack gurus like OOM, Bulldog75, footforward and JonnyWG to go pound some Iraqi Sand with their crap “intel”!!!! BTW, Okie’s plane missed the “Friday” runway now three weeks in a row!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Date: Saturday, 21-04-2012 02: 44 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … A member of the Kurdish Alliance Deputy/Kurdish blocs Coalition/Hassan Jihad, that the Preparatory Committee will hold a meeting this week, adding that next week the President Jalal Talabani will determine the date of the Conference national.

Jihad said in a statement (News Agency news) on Saturday: there were attempts by some political blocs to convene a round table comprising the leaders of the first row of blocks, as there is another view of the National Conference, stating: Preparatory Committee for the Conference will hold a meeting this week, to unify the positions of political blocs and worksheet line.

Kurdish Deputy, said that after the completion of the Preparatory Committee, will the President Jalal scheduling conference meeting in consultation with the leadership of blocks to determine the date.

Meanwhile, the State of law coalition member of National Alliance Deputy//Kurdish Husseini, the lack of choice of blocks out of the political crisis, both the National Conference, saying (for news): Coalition of State law, first called for the convening of the National Conference, proposed by President Jalal Talabani, and approved by the President, stating: the partners in the political process, who placed the conditions for their attendance at the Conference put the “jump” conventions of the Constitution, their suspected of obstructing the holding of the Conference.