WTF!!! BH Group Endorses Tony TNT Renfrow…. OMG!!!

Hello again Dinarians,

Well, I guess this will be probably my last post for 2013, and what a sad and pathetic topic to have to base this post on!

I am just so disgusted with this email which one of our Dinarian friends had forwarded to me from those hacks at the BH Group.  

If you are new to this community, then read about how Brad Huber (BH) was indicted for stealing $38 Million from your fellow Dinarians.

While it is true the charges were eventually dropped on a technicality – don’t dispare, I have it on good authority from our buddies over at Dinar Duchebags that Brad is not off the hook yet, that new charges and filings were just issued.  Three cheers for the good guys! 🙂

Here is that disgusting email, and if you can’t see what HACKS they are for endorsing Tony TNT, take a look:

Dear BH Group Member,

NOW is the time for ALL of you to seriously start checking daily about the pending Re-Valuation of the Iraqi Dinar and Vietnam Dong that will be a part of the pending Global Currency Reset. Your blessing hopefully will arrive soon and you should be prepared to contact the Call Centers where you can make your appointments to EXCHANGE your Dinar or Dong.

I highly recommend you start listening to TNT Tony at [WEB LINK REMOVED] immediately! Tony is very knowledgeable and Continue reading

Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT forwarded to me by Kaperoni

Happy Friday Dinarians,

Well, I was going to hold off on posting today, since most of you seem to disappear in to the weekend a day early and don’t read the articles nearly as much.

However, I feel that since most of you would just LOVE to read some Lawsuit “Dirt” on Tony TNT Renfrow – I didn’t want to make you’all wait until Monday.  Besides, didn’t he say it “RV’d” again last night, or today, or was that Wednesday, or….  Oh, heck I can’t even keep track of his rhetoric anymore.  

But, this letter written by an Attorney which was forwarded to me by our old friend Kaperoni sheds some new light and perspective on the Tony TNT Renfrow pending lawsuit.  I should mention this “intel” (yes, pun intended) is received 2nd hand, so its accuracy cannot, and has not, been verified, so please take it as “gossup” and not as 100% accurate fact regarding Tony’s legal case – no doubt TNT will deny the entire thing.

I did personally contact Kaperoni to verify that it was indeed him sending me this Attorney’s information, and not a joker just messing with me.  Kap did verify to me that he was the person who sent me this Attorney’s “intel” on TNT – he has consented to allow me to republish it here for you all, but wants me to make it clear that Kap did NOT write it and does not confirm its accuracy either.  

I really thought that was an A+ move on Kap’s part.  It shows me that he does really care about our community, so with that I will be removing Kaperoni from my “Hack Guru” list.  So, lets get to the Attorney’s “intel”:

Name or Handle: Kaperoni
Comment (please see note above): Thought you might enjoy Attorney researched Tony and sent this to me.



Here is what I found out about Tony. This is directly from the court docket.

The criminal charge was filed Continue reading

TNT – Ready To “Blow Up” In District Court – Due Oct 7th!

Hat Tip:  PelicanNest5 one of our regular contributors to our “Anti-Hack Guru” Skype Room, thanks buddy! 

Howdy fellow Dinarians,

Well, Summer is over.  If you’ve missed your buddy Mr. IQD, I’ve been hanging out with like-minded friends in our Skype Room.  You can join in on the fun, just send me a request.

By the way, has it “RV’d Yet”????  LOL, well, we know the answer is “No” and even though your buddy Mr. IQD would stay up late at night with Mrs. IQD – the RV was not what was on our mind.  Summer evenings sipping fine wine ($2-buck Chuck) and listening to good music was mainly on the menu.  🙂

Come visit all of us in the Anti Hack Guru Skype Room to keep your sanity, or wait for my next post, when ever that is…. LOL!!!

~ Mr. IQD


Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox.

Motions due by 10/7/2013. Response deadline 10/14/2013.

Motion Hearing set for 10/21/2013 at 09:30 AM in Courtroom 463 (CM) before District Judge Carlos Murguia.

Excludable started as to Anthony Renfrow, William Fox 2/25/13 thru 10/21/13.

Signed by District Judge Carlos Murguia on 3/8/2013



HAT TIP:  Going Global East Meets West (A REALLY HUGE THANKS!!!)

This CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT refers to the BH Group with Brad Huebner and Rudy Coenen – the two following articles on the Indictment we posted yesterday, Sept 20, 2012:

POST:  BREAKING NEWS + PHOTO!!!  3 Toledo-area men (BH GROUP) charged in Scheme to sell Iraqi money!!!

POST:  BREAKING!!! BH Group (Brad Huebner) Bayshore Capital (Rudy Coehen) – INDICTED by a FEDERAL GRAND JURY for FRAUD Schemes!!!

We just can’t tell you how THRILLED we are to see Lady Justice working her magic yesterday and now today with this Class Action Lawsuit against BH Group and Others!

If you have been “harmed” you must read the below, and proceed at your own caution, we have no relation with the Law Firm that inititated this Lawsuit nor can we endorse them, we are also not advising you to particiapte, we are just passing along this original post (below) we found on Going Global East Meets West.  (enough of the “legal stuff” go get ’em!).

Have an ABSOLUTELY GREAT WEEKEND!!!  Next “step”, Shabibi how about an “RV”???….  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

P.S. We have been advised by our Attorney that we should be 100% clear that we state that these men are presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012  |  Dinar Scam Information – Class Action …

Note: The Following Information .. For Any Person Who Has Been Harmed …

Iraqi Dinar Scam 

If you have been affected by the Iraqi Dinar Scam / Fraud please contact us to take part in a class action Continue reading