HAT TIP:  Anonymous Email

Hello again Dinarian Friends,

Okay we just found this 2nd email sent to us late Sunday evening from our Anonymous friend.  They have some of the transcribed info from Blaino’s emergency call from Saturday.

We will repaste everything below, just so you know if you have been scammed or not.

Now, Blaino is trying to come off (again) as the “innocent victum” here who is trying to protect you.  Well, duty is duty, and when he brought Hammerman in to his Planet Dinar “world” he had a FIDUCIARY RESPONSIBILITY to have Hammerman thouroughly investigated BEFORE he would have allowed him to take YOUR MONEY!!!

Blaino could have easily paid for a Private service to do a background check and credit check on Hammerman to make sure he was not FULL OF SHIT!!!!!  I.E. Had the proper education, licenses, etc. to manage other people’s money!!!  This WAS Blaino’s responsibility – he FAILED YOU!!!  IN OUR OPINION YOU SHOULD RUN FOR THE HILLS AND GET AS FAR AWAY AS YOU CAN!!!

Consider your Dinar Gone if you gave it to either of them!!!  If you can get your Dinar back, try!  But, we recommend you consider picking up some new Dinar from a legitimate Dinar Broker that is properly licensed by the Treasury.

This way you will insure you have dinar for when the RV does finally happen.  And DON’T Buy a Reserve!!!  But it straight out, and lock it away in a safe place and DON’T tell anyone about it.  Okay?  Please, for your own safety and happiness!  Make this RV event a blessing for you and your family.  🙂

We don’t endorse any particular Dinar Broker, but please stay away from that hack Ali and his Dinar Trade service – he is in with Beth Ogle and Okie and should be avoided at all cost in our humble opinion!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Okay, below is the post we received from the email….

Call replay 530-881-1399  Pin 941637#…45 minutes of unbelievable info….the only good thing that came from this is he got the information out to warn people about what dangers there are out there and how many are trying to take peoples dinars….Alot of people will at least hold on to their Continue reading