Urgent … Talabani Sets Sunday as Beginning of the Obligation to his Recent Initiative

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Hello Dinarians,

Well we could not let this Talabani Article pass by without at least “rolling our eyes” and saying to ourselves (under our breath) “here we go again Talabani”… Are you also having a bad case of Déjà vu????…. Frankly we don’t think this is a solution, just another stall tactic as it has become pretty clear that Talabani is nothing more than a lap dog for Maliki.

~ Mr. IQD

Twilight news/Presidential Office said late Thursday that President Jalal Talabani select Sunday as the date for the beginning of the obligation to his recent initiative.

CREDIT: Shafaaq.com

Talabani revealed, on Thursday evening, endorsed agreement to “strengthen” Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani to stop media campaigns between the two sides due to the recent crisis.

Talabani’s Office said in a statement sent to “Twilight’s” copy, “to complement efforts to contain tension and pacification, the President continued to work as a coordinator between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government, and working with them to acceleration aimed at reaching understandings and solutions.”

The statement said the Presidency “underlines its call to avoid Continue reading