Tony TNT Renfrow – is he really a Hack Guru?

Howdy Dinarians!

Did it “RV” yet?

Well, it seems almost every week Tony “TNT” Renfrow has come up with another reason (we like to refer them more as “lies”) the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) will “RV.”

Typically he hypes up his people (sorry, they are often referred to as “sheeple”) with complete and utter nonsense about a currency rate that is so unbelievable (i.e. over $25 to 1 IQD) that his people will believe him without every asking themselves, is this rate even possible?

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"Shouldn’t people be serving themselves better by asking a few questions?  Such as:

  1. How does this ordinary man have access to this kind of confidential information?
  2. If this man does have real access to this kind of real intel – then why is he sharing it?
  3. If Tony does share confidential information – why has he not been arrested yet?

As you may know, our website has done many “This Day in RV History” features, and why not visit June 11, 2011 (thanks to PelicanNest5 for digging this up): Continue reading