Okay, there has been a lot of fuss over these so-called “bank packages” and I am here to plead with you to STOP LISTENING to those hack gurus that are trying to sell you on the idea that you “need a bank package”!!!

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Listen to me, you absolutely do not need to participate in their “bank packages” scam!!!

The truth is, post RV you will have at the minimum a two-year period of time to seek out the best program and talk to your own Tax Attorneys, Financial Advisers and Private Bankers.

How do I know you will have a minimum of two-years?

Easy, Dr. Shabibi the head of Iraq’s Central Bank ( has told us on several occasions that the Managed Float will last two years with BOTH currencies in their Economy!  Don’t listen to ignorant hack gurus – listen to the man who knows, and that is Dr. Shabibi.

So, why are these scum trying to “sell” you on their Bank Packages?  Now, they may be offering to give you the information for “free”….  But, in exchange you need to register for it.

Why?  Well of course they want your database information! 

They want to sell that to the Banks and other Databases!  Maybe even they want to create for themselves a database of thousands of new Millionaires!!! 

Can you even imagine how valuable the names, phone numbers, email addresses, and mailing address of thousands of new Millionaires would be? 

Thousands of contact details of people who will want to buy new cars, houses, jewelery and luxury vacations! 

Think about how valuable that is – and why these scum want your information to use for themselves and also to sell!


Member of Finance Committee: You must develop a strategic plan based on a scientific basis for the advancement of the economy

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On: Tuesday 10/4/2012 8:27

Baghdad (news) .. Member of Finance Committee called on the MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Najiba Najib to activate the various economic sectors through the development of a strategic plan based on a scientific basis for the advancement of the Iraqi economy.

The answer (of the Agency news): You should develop a strategic plan, whether a five-year or decimal, including rehabilitation and activation of all economic sectors in the country, especially (agricultural, industrial and tourism) in the advancement of the Iraqi economy and transform the economy of a yield mono source to a robust economy, supported on large segments of non-oil .

They attributed the Kurdistan Alliance MP: the cause of failure of the national economy and not to promote him to the lack of genuine will and vision are diagnosed in the obvious economic constraints faced by the Iraqi economy and resolution.

She added that Iraq is rich enjoy the fundamentals of economic, largely untapped, both in agricultural and industrial sectors, tourism, pointing to the existence of agricultural land of many across the country, invested properly for Iraq had become of the countries exporting the product of agricultural, in addition to what is owned by the coefficient of a large industrial and natural resources as well as tourist sites such as tourism, religious and geographical.

The member of the Finance Committee representative: that the activation of these sectors needs a strong will by the federal government to draw the map of investment and the development of a strategic plan for how to advance the national economy, and in the case of promotion will lead to increased Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar as it was at the end of the seventies and early eighties of the century the past, where he was one of the Iraqi dinar more than (3) U.S. dollars, as a result the power of the Iraqi economy at that time.