RANT! Snoopy discusses the Swiss Franc event & Hack Guru Lies!

TGIF Dinarians,

Wow, it has been an EXCITING week – not only did we finally see Iraq’s Parliament finish reading for the 2nd time the Budget, with an announcement that they will vote and pass it next Tuesday, Jan 20th, but in addition to that we saw the Swiss Franc un-peg their currency from the Euro, which caused a lot of shock and excitement in Europe!

Well, today we have our friend Snoopy to talk a little more… Ok, RANT! a little more about how the event with the Swiss Franc just proves what we have been saying about those Hack Gurus…. ENJOY!

Rant!Mr. IQD:

This comment is regarding your response to the recent news about the Swiss Franc, the IMF not knowing about it before it happened and strangely why maybe the Hack gurus really don’t know what’s going on!

Your point you make is well taken and that has been my concern all along with these ones who are better known in Dinar land as “Hack Gurus” or as I like to call them “Dime-store Dinar Slingers”.  These same Dinar Slingers, who claim they have privileged inside information that the rest of us don’t is such an absolute farce.  Unfortunately, their making it public about their connections to the 3-letter agencies is incredibly hilarious and if it weren’t hurting so Continue reading

More BREAKING on the Swiss Franc – READ THIS!!!

Hello again Dinarian Friends,

Wow – the News today is MONUMENTAL about the Swiss Franc – it went up 40% today causing CONTROVERSY – check out this BLOOMBERG article

Chaos over the Swiss Franc | Credit: Bloomberg

Mayhem Erupts on Trading Floors After SNB’s ‘Currency Shocker’
By Julia Verlaine Jan 15, 2015 1:43 PM ET
At 9:30 a.m. today, trading floors across the City of London erupted.

Outbursts of obscenities and confusion followed the Swiss central bank’s surprise decision to abolish its three-year-old policy of capping the Swiss franc against the euro, according to traders in London’s financial district. The U-turn sent the franc as much as 41 percent up against the euro, the biggest gain on record, a move that one trader estimated may cause billions of dollars of losses for banks and their customers.

Dealers at banks including Deutsche Bank AG (DBK), UBS Group AG (UBSG) and Goldman Sachs (GS) Group Inc. battled to process orders amid a flood of customer calls and trade requests, according to people with direct knowledge of the events. At least one electronic currency-trading system temporarily halted transactions, adding to the mayhem.

“This is the biggest currency shocker in years and it’s likely to create more volatility in the short term,” said James Stanton, head of foreign exchange at deVere Group, a financial adviser that oversees about $10 billion. “Trading positions are extremely vulnerable and volume has gone through the roof.”

Deutsche Bank was among currency dealers to suffer disruptions to … CONTINUE READING


Also be sure  to read my earlier post today on this and asking the question of where were our Hack Gurus (Tony TNT, Okie Oil Man, etc.) with their “insider info / intel” on the Swiss Franc?  Don’t they always claim they have “high-level” intel on the Iraqi IQD Dinar?  So, why not now?  I’m sure they will come up with a reasonable lie for you to swallow hook-line-and-sinker! [LINK]

~ Mr. IQD



RANT! Southern Shaker “shakes” his finger at Mr. IQD!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians,

Sorry to have not been posting as much lately, but between the holidays, new year and the flu, I’ve been a bit “out of it”.  Besides, the IQD didn’t “RV” or significantly increase in value, and you can bet I keep my eyes on the CBI.iq website for that event.  


So, there was not much to talk about, but then not long ago I made a post in response to a Mail Bag question I had received.

In that post I was trying to illustrate a point to the person whom I was responding to.  I was trying to make a point about not spending your hard earned money on IQD if you have other responsibilities which are more pressing, such as food, rent/mortgage, car payment, savings, etc.  I was trying to get across that you should NEVER spend money you cannot afford.  Here is the direct quote from that Post which got Southern Shaker all riled up:

I only own as much as I can afford to lose.

Perhaps I’m gambling? But in essence I see the IQD as “throw-a-way” money! This is the same money I would blow spending a few careless weekends in Las Vegas.

I used the flippant term “throw-a-way money” and my buddy Southern Shaker took issue with it, and wrote the following Rant! about yours truly “Mr. IQD” – geeze, I never thought I would publish a rant about myself…  Enjoy!

Comment (please see note above): Hey MRIQD, Southern Shaker here!!! How’s it been going Buddy!! I was reading the post SHOULD I SELL MY DINAR. I have a serious question (believe it or not). Would someone explain to me what “THROW AWAY CASH” is??? I’m what I consider very well off in today’s world but for the life of me I don’t know what “THROW AWAY CASH” is.

Then I think of someone saying “JUST IN CASE” there is a revaluation of Continue reading

RANT! Southern Shaker’s Dinarian Weather Forecast!

Happy Wednesday Dinarians!

Well, what will the weather be like in your neck of the woods?

Who cares – we only care about the Hack Guru’s forecast on the IQD – if it were to “RV” (as they propose) then we all could be anywhere on Earth we would like!  


So, our new friend Southern Shaker has come up with this very humorous and cleaver Hack Guru Weather Forecast for the Thanksgiving Week…  Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Southern Shaker
Comment (please see note above): Southern Shaker here Dinarians with you Dinar weather update:

NOAA continental US weather forecast map for E...

We are expecting 2ft to 3ft accumilation of pure BS in the early morning hours this morning lasting into early evening. However this will turn to a Continue reading

RANT! Outsider gives Dinar Re(C)raps a Piece of His Mind

Hello Dinarians,

Well, I won’t ask about the “RV” and if it happened today as promised by our communitie’s mental patients….  eh-hem!

So, I got this awesome Rant! by Outsider who always does a great job of speaking his/her mind and this time he/she really lays in to Dinar Re(C)raps (my words, not his/hers).


Well, it will touch a nerve with you, even if you totally disagree, so here we go… Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Outsider
Comment (please see note above): Mr IQD fellow followers,
I know that many of you are watching Those “hack guru,” sights. It’s okay, you can admit it.

I would like to mention That I was surveying the “recaps,” blog site last week, when the guru’s were again spouting off about the rv was mere minutes away from Fruition, AGAIN.

To my surprise, the “recaps,” folks were posting Continue reading

Rant! Outsider calls out Dinar Rec(r)aps for being irresponsible!

Hello Dinarians,

Did it RV yet?….   LOL!!!  Ok, seriously I got another anonymous email from this person “Outsider” and he/she really lays in to Dinar Re-Craps… err, sorry Recaps.  

Rant!One thing that I wanted to first clarify is that Dinar Recraps does not call IQD rates & dates – they however repost Hack Guru garbage with not even one single effort to screen their garbage, or attempt to “fact-check” it.  

I do believe they have a disclaimer posted somewhere on their website, maybe if you find it, you can send me the link…

It is my opinion that Dinar Recraps is no better than those Hack Gurus, because of their policy to just republish all the garbage “as-is” with no regard to their readers.

And I believe that “Outsider” feels the same way – have a gander at his/her post:

Name or Handle: outsider
Comment (please see note above): another post sent to the Dinar Recaps folks.

Maybe with enough of them they’ll mend their ways or even better, shut themselves down.

I see you Dinar Recaps folks have chosen to keep up the game. Instead of planning your Continue reading

Rant! #1GOORU Finds Sanity!

Hello again loyal Rant! lovers!

I’m starting to get my mail bag filling up daily with Rants!  This one by #1GOORU cracked me up, so I hope you enjoy his sarcastic humor as much as I did!


Anonymous Name / Handle: #1GOORU
Comment: It’s just around the corner, folks ! ! ! ! ! Just like I said it would be!
My intel reported that M just passed gas several times in a row ! Remember me telling you that it Continue reading

RANT! Mamma g has some food for thought….

Howdy Dinarians,

If you are not in my “Anti Hack Guru” Skype Room, then you didn’t see this excellent RANT! by one of our members, Mamma g.


Her rant is so heart felt, passionate, and well, inspiring I asked her if I could re-post it here, she said yes….

Mamma g: [12:50] ok here is some food for thought … IF the IQD is the savior of the world, then why hasn’t the rate changed?  If this currency is what will save every country in trouble, why prolong the misery?  If our government has all of this IQD at their disposal AND the rate has already changed and “Whales” have already cashed out, then why is Continue reading

Tony TNT Renfrow – is he really a Hack Guru?

Howdy Dinarians!

Did it “RV” yet?

Well, it seems almost every week Tony “TNT” Renfrow has come up with another reason (we like to refer them more as “lies”) the Iraqi Dinar (IQD) will “RV.”

Typically he hypes up his people (sorry, they are often referred to as “sheeple”) with complete and utter nonsense about a currency rate that is so unbelievable (i.e. over $25 to 1 IQD) that his people will believe him without every asking themselves, is this rate even possible?

Smile for the Camera Tony "TNT"Shouldn’t people be serving themselves better by asking a few questions?  Such as:

  1. How does this ordinary man have access to this kind of confidential information?
  2. If this man does have real access to this kind of real intel – then why is he sharing it?
  3. If Tony does share confidential information – why has he not been arrested yet?

As you may know, our website has done many “This Day in RV History” features, and why not visit June 11, 2011 (thanks to PelicanNest5 for digging this up): Continue reading

The “New” RV Rate according to the CBI



Never Believe Your Hack Guru - Always Check The IQD Rate at: www.CBI.iq

Never Believe Your Hack Guru – Always Check The IQD Rate at: http://www.CBI.iq