URGENT!!! CBI Raises Interest Rate to 16%

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We added the screenshot to otherwise original article we reposted from Currency News Hound.  We just took the screenshot from the www.CBI.iq website.  The Interest rates are rising, and M2 2012 indicates a 14.8% rate – which as we assume can be from the recent Arab Summit when Maliki “shut down” the economy of Baghdad and most of Iraq for that matter as a security tactic during the Arab Summit.

May 8 2012 11:18

Detect the Iraqi Central Bank for the high rates of inflation in the month of October increased by 2.7% from the previous month, pointing to the adoption of hard-line policy in the interest rates and submit them to the 16% to pay for commercial banks to make substantial modifications in the interest rates various bank to deal with this inflation.

A statement issued by the Central Bank, “The index of consumer prices in Iraq in October 2006,” disclosed an increase in the inflation rate amounted to approximately 2.7% compared with September of the same year. “

The statement added that the increase “showed different altitudes in the prices of goods and all services, reflected more or less at the level of annual inflation, which has seen a remarkable increase of about 9.52% according to indicators of the month last October compared to September, amounting to 6.51%.”

The Central Bank states that “despite the slight decline in the annual rate of core inflation in the month of October 2006, the index of consumer prices .. are excluded from the paragraphs of fuel and lighting, transport and communications.


Dinar exchange rate issue at the table of prime minister; Ministers and CBI discuss why fluctuations in IQD

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According to a statement of the Office of Shaways received Alstqama electronic copy of it: that of the advisers in the Prime Minister made a presentation to the causes of fluctuation in the rate of exchange of the dinar against foreign currencies and the merits of the issue, with the central bank governor explained away, and after officials on the subject of extensive debates.

The statement pointed to: that the Committee will hold a second meeting to get to the recommendations that would assist in the stability of the dinar.

Meeting was attended by ministers of finance, oil and Planning, Commerce and Agriculture and the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and his assistant and head of the National Investment Commission and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs and the Economic Adviser in the form of consultants and Dr. Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, an economist and financial expert, Ahmed Rehn.


HOLY COW!!! Jaafari agrees with Talabani and Barzani to hold National Conference in the first week of May in Baghdad!!!

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This is awesome News!!! It was exactly what Randy Koonce was talking about on Wed!!!
We can’t get too excited, we’ve seen Randy’s dates come and go, and we must see Maliki attend, and that is a BIG IF!!!
Keep your fingers crossed, but don’t do anything crazy! 🙂
~ Mr. IQD

Date: Friday, 27-04-2012 02: 21 pm

Baghdad (newsletter) … The National Alliance announced that President Ibrahim Jaafari agreed in principle to hold a National Congress in the first week of May next be in Baghdad.

National Alliance leader Ibrahim Al-Jaafari, the importance of direct dialogue and rapid construction to preserve national unity and defuse problems and obstacles that threaten the unity and sovereignty of Iraq, stressing that all the political forces and national objectives and priorities of their dialogues and intervention will Continue reading

Economic Commission calls for bold action to strengthen the Iraqi dinar

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NOTE: This article looks to us like this was planted by Maliki in his continued attacks against the CBI.
~ Mr.IQD

11/04/2012 20:22:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / follow-up. The member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Abdul-Hussein Abtan to take bold steps and quick to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.

Abtan said in an interview quoted (and independent Iraqi news agency) that the low price of the Iraqi dinar had burdened the poor citizen because of the openness of the domestic market is witnessing As well as import goods from abroad. “

He added That everyone is aware that the price of the Continue reading