Okie Calls RV!!! "This Day In RV History" – OOM Calls it on both Aug 26 2011 & Aug 26 2012!!!

HAT TIP:  Anonymous Email / Archive: Dinar Recaps Aug 26, 2011

NEW Feedback already received – posted at the bottom!!!

Well, we know how much you love our feature “This Day In RV History” and we have not posted a new episode for a little while, so what the heck, when we got this email in, we could not resist posting.

We especially liked the sender’s observation about “Ghost” Posts being exactly the same as “OOM” posts…..  Well, as you may remember a while back we posted the article originally found on IraqiDinarMoney.com’s website which EXPOSED Beth Ogle as being the person/brains behind Okie Oil Man, Bulldog75, Miskebam and Bondlady!!! [LINK]

First you will see that Okie called the RV on August 26, 2012, then the Second post below is Okie calling the RV on August 26, 2011….  It just can’t get any better than that as a complete display of HIPROCRACY!!!  Furthermore, you will note that Okie also DEFENDS ‘INTEL’ in the second post….  

So, who you going to believe???  Ghost-busters that’s who!!!  LOL!!!

~ Mr. IQD

TODAY:  AUGUST 26, 2012 OOM POST (with comment by emailer):

Hmmmm, isn’t it quite the coincidence that “Ghost” makes exactly
the same Continue reading

Several reports – Iraqi TV is announcing dinar RV – 4/19


We just checked and verified on the http://www.CBI.iq website – There is NO MENTION OF A RV HAPPENING on their website!!!

At the minimum the Central Bank of Iraq’s website would have some sort of press release or show in the “new” rates, otherwise how could it be officially reported on Iraq’s Television News Stations?

It is our opinion that this is the normal “CRAP” we expect to see from CAP1….

~ Mr. IQD

If this is actually true, the dinar sites will be going
WILD with excitement very soon.
2:04 PM CST: Cap’s Corner [GHOST] Iraqi T.V. Is reporting the revaluation of their dinar. It is reported that 90% of all broadcasts are centered around the revaluation news.
Instructions are also being given by way of tv on how to exchange their dinar, etc.