HOT NEWS!!! Preparations for a meeting to pass the oil and gas law!!!

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Hey Dinarian Friends!

We just saw this article and wanted to make sure you also saw it!

We feel the biggest key is not Talibani, but getting the 140 Oil and Gas Law passed!!!

This should give Shabibi the confidence he needs that his economy will grow strong!

This 140 however DOES NOT guarantee us the RV were waiting for, but we believe it’s a significant step forward!!!

~ Mr.IQD

BAGHDAD – A follow-up of the East: affirmed the decision of the Commission on oil and gas and parliamentary readiness to hold intensive meetings in order to pass the law of oil and gas.

Kassem said Mohammed Mchkta: There is an agreement between the Continue reading

The Mideast's Awakening Energy Giant Iraq Progresses toward a Future Built on Oil Wealth

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By Bernhard Zand

Scott Nelson/ Focus/ DER SPIEGEL
When the US toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, few people imagined that it would take another decade before the Iraqi oil industry was rebuilt. Now, progress is finally being made, and the country’s massive reserves could bring untold wealth. But before that happens, Baghdad needs to improve security and get corruption under control.

There’s a fine line between being snubbed and humiliated — and no one in Iraq knows this better than Hussein al-Shahristani.

Two executives from the world’s largest private energy company, ExxonMobil, are sitting and waiting in the outer office of Baghdad’s most powerful Continue reading