RANT! How the Hack Gurus Make Money on “FREE” Conference Calls!!!

TGIF Dinarians!

I got in this excellent Rant! from someone calling him/herself “Upstate” and I believe most of this information is correct, if anyone wishes to correct the data, please post below.


That said, I believe this is certainly a MUST READ for those of you who think Tony TNT Renfrow and some of those other Hack Gurus who are just doing so-called “FREE” Conference Calls all the time – sometimes even twice a day, just rambling on and on with garbage and nonsense.

Anonymous Name / Handle: Upstate
Comment: I wanted to add to the rant of “Southern Shaker” yesterday. I enjoyed the LONG list of tall tales/and misinformation from TNT, but I am in telecom and I want to expand on his “$93,000” phone call comment.

TNT hosts its phone calls with freeconference.com which is owned by Iotum. The way they make money is placing their conference call equipment in Continue reading