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Like a bad pimple that doesn’t seem to go away from a teenager’s face – Breitling keeps pushing his crap “ISX Report” on unsuspecting new Dinarians who have no idea that they can get this report absolutely FREE!!!

Why pay Breitling $50 for it?   Why pay Breitling $24.95 when he is “generous” enough to put it on sale for 50% off!!!

Now, we’ve heard many times over the past year those guys at The IQD Team mention that they had the original ISX Report posted on their website!!!  Get it here FREE!!!

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WTF??? KAPERONI – You and Steve Rolled out the "Crap-eroni" Last Night!!!

Oh Good Grief —  Hello our Dinarian Friends,

We really don’t know where to start with the DinarAlert call that was put on last night by Kaperoni and Professor Steve!  But, we will give it a try anyways!  🙂

Maybe it destined for disaster when Kap had forgotten to take their 300+ callers/listeners off Hold during the opening 11 minute monologue!  Kap, of course, then embarrassed had to restart the entire call and redo his monologue!


So you know what we are talking about, if you care, here is the call information:

PLAYBACK  LINK   —  or  — Copy and paste entire link into your web browser….

*Note the call was started and stopped due to error.  Fast forward 10 minutes AND 55 seconds (10:55) to get the actual beginning of the call when Kap realized the error!!! LOL!!!

However, as Alexander Pope once said: “To err is human, to forgive divine” – but, unfortunately we can only “forgive” Kaperoni and Steve for that error, because last night was a true epic train wreck of misleading information!!!


There is just so much to Continue reading

CAUTION!!! “Bank Package Schemes” – It’s NOT the Hack Guru’s you know – They ARE Being DUPED / CONNED Also!!!

HAT TIP:  (@ bottom of pate – July 1, 2012)

Happy July 1st Friends!!!

We are not going to go in to a “rant” today about all of those Hack Gurus that were swearing it was happening in June – we already made our point in our article “Hurry Up and Wait!“.

Today, we were sent this blog post by “Mr Bentley” who makes a very valid point and argument which reflects our same points about using common sense to protect yourself from these con artists that are preying over our Dinarian Community like a bunch of starved vultures!!!

We hope you enjoy his article below, and we hope you will be able to learn from it, or if you are already mindful, hopefully you can direct some of your friends who are not as knowledgeable as you are to this article so they can learn to protect themselves also!

Have a GREAT Sunday!

~ Mr. IQD

I have replaced our normal chat comments today with this post – an excellent read and thanks Mr. Bentley!!

I left this warning in the Blog one more day – IT’S THAT IMPORTANT!! Be very careful about who you allow to have your personal information. It will be out in open (soon) as to who are the main actors at the core of these “bank package schemes” are – it’s not the Guru’s you know and Continue reading

Governor of the Central Bank in Hospitality House of Representatives on Monday


Sunday, 06 May 2012 17:39

BAGHDAD / With: Member of the Committee declared the economy and investment, Salman al-Moussawi said his committee will host tomorrow’s central bank governor Sinan Shabibi and Deputy Prime Minister for the Economy Rose Nuri Shaways to discuss the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar.

Moussawi said: “I will put the guests on the set of proposals to end the state of the dinar exchange rate fluctuations, including the abolition of currency transfer companies because it has become a burden on the citizen and the state of corruption marred by the financial impact on the dinar exchange rate.”

Al-Moussawi said: “in the proposal called for a return to the mechanism that was followed in the nineties and eighties and of the central bank to take over the conversion process itself and end the vicious excess between the Bank and the citizen.”

He continued, “The second proposal is to form a committee within the integrity of the central bank made up of experts in accounting and auditing firms to monitor contracts and sort the good from the bad.” (Finished)

Dinar exchange rate issue at the table of prime minister; Ministers and CBI discuss why fluctuations in IQD

HAT TIP:  The Currency News Hound


According to a statement of the Office of Shaways received Alstqama electronic copy of it: that of the advisers in the Prime Minister made a presentation to the causes of fluctuation in the rate of exchange of the dinar against foreign currencies and the merits of the issue, with the central bank governor explained away, and after officials on the subject of extensive debates.

The statement pointed to: that the Committee will hold a second meeting to get to the recommendations that would assist in the stability of the dinar.

Meeting was attended by ministers of finance, oil and Planning, Commerce and Agriculture and the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and his assistant and head of the National Investment Commission and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs and the Economic Adviser in the form of consultants and Dr. Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, an economist and financial expert, Ahmed Rehn.


ATTENTION!!! We just got an Email from that hack Breitling who is back to pumping his ISX reports!!!

He says they are now 50% off for this weekend only!!! DON’T BUY THEM!!!

Well, we happen to know that you can get the SAME ISX Report INFO FOR FREE on the website, look in the pre/post RV Info section!!!

BTW, what happened to Breitling’s so-called “great” real estate investing seminar scheme????!!!! LOL!!!!

What a hack this guy is, he’d sell you his grandma’s old underpants if he thought you’d be stupid enough to buy them!!!

It is our very strong opinion that everyone needs to stay far away from this Breitling character!!!

~ Mr. IQD

Several reports – Iraqi TV is announcing dinar RV – 4/19


We just checked and verified on the website – There is NO MENTION OF A RV HAPPENING on their website!!!

At the minimum the Central Bank of Iraq’s website would have some sort of press release or show in the “new” rates, otherwise how could it be officially reported on Iraq’s Television News Stations?

It is our opinion that this is the normal “CRAP” we expect to see from CAP1….

~ Mr. IQD

If this is actually true, the dinar sites will be going
WILD with excitement very soon.
2:04 PM CST: Cap’s Corner [GHOST] Iraqi T.V. Is reporting the revaluation of their dinar. It is reported that 90% of all broadcasts are centered around the revaluation news.
Instructions are also being given by way of tv on how to exchange their dinar, etc.