Trusts, Hedge Funds and LLCs – Oh My!

Hello our Dinarian Buddies!

This post is a WARNING about these hack gurus, and even some who have recently been investigated by the FBI because of their involvement in selling these Trusts, Hedge Funds, Corporate Entities like LLCs, Off-Shore and any other variation!

In general, almost all of us in the Dinarian Community DO NOT NEED ANY OF THESE!!! Especially before the RV!!!

After the RV, depending on your situation, you may need one of these sophisticated financial vehicles!  But, keep reading, because you may not need any of them at all…

To get started, as a rule of thumb, take Warren Buffet’s advice he personally always follows: “I never invest in something that I don’t understand!

So, ask yourself, why am I investing in a hedge fund, or trust with someone I don’t even really know, just someone who keeps using God’s name in vein and is blasphemously asks for us to believe in him while he is picking our pockets!

Did you know that one of these hack “gurus” recently was busted by the FBI for fraud and taking over $3million Dollars of “Dinarian Investor’s” money in a Continue reading

Reuters: Iraq Halts Plans to Re-denominate Dinar – Article Analysis by MrIQD

HAT TIP:  Reuters

We’ve heard a few rumblings in the community lately of the following theory, we’re not sure who came up with it first, so we’re not really sure who should get proper credit, but we wanted to share this following theory (and article below)….

It is a GOOD thing if they halt the “RE-DENOMINATION” of the IQD Dinar (that is a.k.a. a “LOP”).  We think they are halting the “Re-denomination” because they are going to instead “REVALUE” the Iraqi IQD!!!

Understand, a “LOP” or “Re-denomination” is NOT good…  Remember the economic disaster that befell Turkey’s economy when they did a “LOP” of their currency!

The theory is that Maliki, Talabani, Allawi and Shabibi have been fighting about this…. Clearly from the news in the last 24 – 48 hours indicates that Shabbs is winning – which is extremely GREAT for us!!!  So, hopefully soon we will now get the Revaluation…. and NOT THE LOP!!!

~ Mr.IQD

April 13th, 2012 08:39 pm · Posted in NEWS (Iraq & World Currency)
Reuters – [4/13/2012]Iraq has decided to hold off on a plan to knock three zeros off the nominal value of bank notes of its currency because it does not believe the economic climate is suitable, the cabinet secretary said.The central bank said last August it planned to redenominate the Iraqi dinar to simplify financial transactions in an economy that is still heavily centralised and dominated by oil, and where deals are often carried out in cash. (1000dinar is worth about NZ$1)The proposal to restructure the dinar to bring more liquidity into the market has been awaiting parliamentary approval since Continue reading

Economic Commission calls for bold action to strengthen the Iraqi dinar

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NOTE: This article looks to us like this was planted by Maliki in his continued attacks against the CBI.
~ Mr.IQD

11/04/2012 20:22:00

The independent Iraqi news agency / follow-up. The member of the parliamentary Economic Committee Abdul-Hussein Abtan to take bold steps and quick to raise the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the U.S. dollar.

Abtan said in an interview quoted (and independent Iraqi news agency) that the low price of the Iraqi dinar had burdened the poor citizen because of the openness of the domestic market is witnessing As well as import goods from abroad. “

He added That everyone is aware that the price of the Continue reading

Iraqi currency exchange rate rises to 1228 dinars to the dollar after it was Wednesday, 1223 per dollar

HAT TIP:  The IQD Team

04/12/2012 :: Dubai – East April 12: Register Iraqi dinar exchange rate in local markets today 1228 for every dollar after that the price was yesterday 1223 per dollar. And less than this price for the high levels reached dinar earlier this week after rising demand for foreign currency as it recorded the dinar before three days for every $ 1292.

He said traders and specialists that there is fear of buying when shaking exchange rates do not settle if stabilized the market for 1,200 dinars, or even on 1500 per dollar there is action and Continue reading

An economist calls for the government to hiring economists to address the dinar exchange rate fluctuations

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Thursday, April 12 / April 2012 14:53

Economic expert called on the government to the safety of Sumaisem use of economic and financial experts from outside government agencies to find out the problems faced by the Iraqi dinar.

The Sumaisem told all of Iraq [where] Thursday it is “possible for the Iraqi economy to recover if the use of several linked to economic policy,” asserting that “the use of the expertise of economic will ambulance fluctuation of the exchange rate of Iraqi dinar but unfortunately, there ignore the experiences of economic and overlooked “.

She added, “We hope to reach the diagnosis of the real reasons behind the fluctuation of the dinar to Continue reading