RANT! Outsider gives Dinar Re(C)raps a Piece of His Mind

Hello Dinarians,

Well, I won’t ask about the “RV” and if it happened today as promised by our communitie’s mental patients….  eh-hem!

So, I got this awesome Rant! by Outsider who always does a great job of speaking his/her mind and this time he/she really lays in to Dinar Re(C)raps (my words, not his/hers).


Well, it will touch a nerve with you, even if you totally disagree, so here we go… Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Outsider
Comment (please see note above): Mr IQD fellow followers,
I know that many of you are watching Those “hack guru,” sights. It’s okay, you can admit it.

I would like to mention That I was surveying the “recaps,” blog site last week, when the guru’s were again spouting off about the rv was mere minutes away from Fruition, AGAIN.

To my surprise, the “recaps,” folks were posting Continue reading

Skype Room Chat – Jan 23-24th, 2013


January 23rd and 24th are combined in today’s post.  We will see rhetoric from the likes of several Hack Guru’s including: Footforward, Flashing, Poppy3, TerryK and Winalot. 

Most of these were sourced from the same (usual suspects) “Guru” “Recap” blogs that seem to love to promote these hack gurus – probably so they can sell their Banner Ads to unsuspecting followers….  LOL!!!  Notice they NEVER republish our posts, or even acknowledge that we exist.  Typical!!!

Note:  I tried to highlight all of MarcG’s comments in “Green” – hope I got them all.



Skype Room Chat – Jan 16, 2013


January 16th’s Chat went after three Hack Gurus including: Adam Montana, Vic1 and OCRUSH.


[1/16/2013 12:10:39 PM] Mr. IQD: *******************
Hack Guru Alert – Adam Montana Chat
Posted today on Dinar Recaps

Adam Montana Q & A Chat – Post From Dinar Vets  01/16/2013  6 Comments

[Adam Montana] ok now that I’ve hopefully got my worst typo of the day out of the way, here’s the current state of the Dinar

[Adam Montana] this is unfortunately one of those weeks where we have to suck it up and accept the fact that “no news is good news”. Nothing significant or earth-shattering has been announced, and you all know I don’t make stuff up if there’s nothing to report… so at least for now Continue reading

BLAINO – Still spewing out complete “CRAP” to his Followers!!!

HAT TIP:  Dinar Recaps (Dec. 7, 2012 – LINK)

Well, today we felt a little “fisty” and decided to do a little BASHING  of one of our Favorite Hack Gurus “Blaino” a true piece of work and consistant with mis-informing his followers!

If you have been following this “idiot” (in our humble opinion) then do so for entertainment value only, he has been only topped by the likes of Okie Oil Man for complete CRAP that is spewed out to the Dinar Community – frankly it still amazes us that DinarRecaps.com reposts their garbage….

Have a good laugh reading the filth below – we have also added our own snarky remarks just to intensify your laughs!!!  Have a GREAT weekend!    🙂

~ Mr. IQD

BLAINO-279x300[Blaino] standby::::::::::::::::::: possible major breaking news!!!!!! Information in a few minutes! pandaexpress and texastom(okie’s smarter brother) are on this as we READ….  in the EVENT…. We will go to the phones to illuminate the facts for all!! [gee thanks you idiot!]

[Blaino] iqd “MAY”….. “may” now be tradeable  [is “tradeable” even a word you illiterate dumbass!!!  How about “tradable“? Jeeze, its not that difficult to use a dictionary or the built-in spell check!!!] …. We are on top of that issue NOW…. Hope this is not “SMOKE”….  no price changes so FAR… $3.22 (iqd) and $.29 (vnd) showing [Umm, Showing on what???  On “bank screens” – you are using that old recycled Bull-S!!!  Idiot!!!] and with a ust HOLD…. In the executive end of the foreign currency div of a MAJOR BANK. [Just more lies!!!  He has no more Continue reading

This Day In RV History – Hack Guru BGG calls RV – Then & Now!!! LOL!!!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps (Archive July 9, 2011)  and  DinarGuru (Today, July 9, 2012)

Well Friends, we understand the irony that we are quoting from DinarRecaps a year ago, who was quoting DinarGuru from a year ago, and also DinarGuru from Today!

The funny thing about this Hack, is a year ago, he said his “Pentagon source” said it happened THAT DAY!!!  A year later, it sounds like he listened in on a popular  Team’s Conference Call from last night, and is basically recapping the News that was read!

But, here is the true irony….  According to IraqiDinarMoney.com – Beth Ogle has control over BOTH of these websites and many of their “Hack Gurus”….  Now, isn’t that a LAUGH!  Here is the post about that if you are curious!  🙂

~ Mr. IQD

DinarRecaps (Archive July 9, 2011)

7-9-2011  Guru BGG   “From an “unnamed former senior white house official”….maybe Monday or Tuesday.”   I have actually heard from a Pentagon source that today was the day, from an Iraqi working in the CBI that they were gearing up to exchange out for lower denoms on Monday (inferring an RV)

DinarGuru (Today, July 9, 2012)

7-9-2012  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Al-Iraqiya has nominated numerous candidates and Maliki has shot them all down (in the past). Now Maliki’s bunch are making noise like they want to get these candidates in place and no one is buying their sincerity. They are out for “scalps”.   This is likely one of the pivotal issue that must get solved for Maliki to remain. As I have said the last few days – looks like the alliance is much stronger than they were letting on.  Here are some interesting headlines, “Announcement Of Candidates For Defense & Interior Ministries Next WEEK.”  Very interesting comments by Maliki’s group – my guess is they are too late…should Maliki decide to “roll the dice” in Parliament, we’re still a little ways off.

3 Gurus Call the RV + Ch 7 lifted!!!… 1 Year Ago! – This Year In RV History!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps (Archive July 6, 2011)

Boy oh boy, my how time “FLIES”!!! 

This Day In RV History takes us back in time when we get to see how these so-called “respected” Gurus were telling us about their “most credible sources” and that “its all done” blah… blah… blah!!!

Oh, but to add icing on the cake for today….. Were you aware that according to Delta that Chapter 7 was lifted???  I guess Delta “forgot” to tell the UN it was lifted…….  WHAT A HACK!!! 

BTW, if you don’t know, “Checkmate” is Dan from PTR, and “TonyTNT” is Tony from PTR – our “fearless leaders” – what a JOKE they ARE!!!  They are singing a different song today, but they will ALWAYS be HACK GURUS in my Heart!


~ Mr. IQD


7-6-2011 Guru Checkmate the most credible sources saying he is seeing it live on the boards. The thing that bothers me is that he has said that before….I get irritable when I feel that I am getting stories told to me…80% of the intel that is misinformation..

7-6-2011 Guru Delta It’s all done…it takes a process …and the holiday was here and when UNSC released Iraq from Chapter 7… they had to get the confirmation updated in Iraq systems…that’s why there is a delay since the meeting in Jordan… now it’s all done and S (Shabibi) has given the green light… so its coming…its anytime now

7-6-2011 Guru TonyTnT Saturday morning I was one of 4 people who got the information about senators and congressmen cashing it….Then…Threats from the CIA etc…the rate is $5.25….3.22 GBP = $5.25 usd… last night at 11 – one of my buddies called me to say rate was live… [Iraq citizen said] there was a line of people at the bank waiting to get in[In Baghdad]…military officer from the US in Baghdad said there are lines at the bank right now….Were anticipating something today but unfortunately… something in the US meant didn’t happen….This afternoon, all this afternoon was hearing that the rate now being seen by some banks. That it is rising…The 3 days from the IMF are up tomorrow

BREAKING NEWS!!! This Day In RV History – June 27, 2011 (yes, we said 2011) Okie said the RV has happened…. LOL!!!

HAT TIP:  DinarRecaps.com (June 27, 2011 post)

Hello Friends,

We are going to use the power of the internet to start pointing out the absurdity of some of our favorite “Hack Gurus” who continuously “call it” every other day/week.

We are going to call this new feature of the Mr. IQD website the:

“This Day In RV History”!

To launch this new feature, we are going to use our favorite lier and hack guru, Okie the Oil Man (aka OOM, Okie, Beth Ogle, Bondlady, Bulldog75, Miskebam) – yes, if you are new here, they are all the same related person behind these identities, “Beth Ogle” please stand up and be recognized by the Dinarian Community for the scum you are and have been!

So, the below text was taken today, June 27, 2012 from the DinarRecaps archive, dated the same day, but was posted 1 year ago on June 27, 2011

We also documented by screen shot this posting, just in case their webmaster decides to “change” or “delete” it, you will still be able to see what was originally posted a year ago!

So, if you are new to the Dinar Community – welcome, and now you can see what a fraud these “Hack Gurus” really when they call for an RV and claim to have “credibility”!!!

~ Mr. IQD

The post as given on DinarRecaps archive for 1 year ago today June 27, 2011 is:

OKIEOILMAN CHAT ROOM = The latest news is this: The RV has been started by The CBI. The rate will be posted soon…no one knows exactly when but it should be before the 30th. There will not be any newer news than that until the rate is posted. If someone tells you anything different it is probably 100% BS

(click image to view full size)




Kaperoni weighs in on LOP and Dr. Bekri paper from cXc Forum

HAT TIP: DinarRecaps / Kaperoni

Kaperoni weighs in on LOP and Dr. Bekri paper from cXc Forum emailed to us

Ok, I weigh in…lol

Over the years, there has been several Iraqi Economists, or Parliament or from the CBI directly that have confirmed the plan. The very plan that Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Fadel wrote in 2006. These comments over the past 5 years have never wavered from this original plan therefore I can say with certainty, the plan has not changed. Now what is this plan?

The plan is a re-denomination of sorts if you want to call it that. It is the transition from a larger set of currency notes (3 zeros) to a new set of smaller denominations such as a 1, 5, 10 dinar etc. This is the definition of sorts of a re-denomination. There is a twist though….This is not something that one article can explain, but several over the years assembled to create the clear picture. That being said, there are individual articles from these prominent people that support this theory. From Dr. Fadel himself, to Dr. Bakri. Many think that when they do this transition, they will LOP or change the value of these larger notes. They are not. They are honoring them at full face value. Hence this is a Revaluation as well.
Continue reading

EXCELLENT POV!!! How You Help by HereWeGo at PTR Sat. Afternoon

HAT TIP: DinarRecaps


Give careful consideration to how you help :):):)

Just wanted to share my experience with you about helping people. We are fixin’ to have a lot of money with which to help a lot of people. I am very excited about this, I know you are too. But, please give careful thought to whom you help, how you help them, etc.

If you look at our economy, etc., a lot of people have come into counting on the government,etc. for sustainment. Nobody planned this, the economy fell, people were out of work and now have to look to food stamps, gov. help etc. just to survive.

There is nothing wrong with people getting temp. help through a tough time. Have I ever had to go to a food bank to feed my 2 children, absolutely. Have I had a lot of money in the bank at one time, absolutely.
Read More Link on Right
The main thing is to be grateful just where you are. God has never let us down, He has always been right there even when it didn’t seem like it. Now for the meat and potatoes; I have helped, or should I say “over-helped” people before. This was not good for them. Sometimes people need a helping hand, not to be completely rescued from their situation. (if you haven’t seen the post about “How to buy happiness”, Ted.com, you should really watch it, 10 minutes of your time well spent)

People need someone to believe in them and that they can do it. They need to be
empowered, to say, start a business, to help other people, rather than, you rescuing them out of their situation, leaving them unempowered. Little children, older people, widows or widowers, disabled people, wounded vets, help them all you can, but the rest, think about how you can empower them (with the money) to have a better life.

What can you teach them, maybe a franchise (so they would still get training, etc.) so they can have a wonderful life.

Because you don’t want to be everyone’s source. That’s God’s job. If you give out boatloads of money, when they spend it, they will be looking back to you, and they still won’t know what to do. It goes back to the old saying, “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

I am so grateful to God that we are going to have this opportunity to help people, this is going to be so fun! Just think about it, you get to help so many people and do great things!!! Let’s all consider the great responsibility that this money brings also, and how we have to, no we GET to be good stewards of it to help our families, friends, and new and upcoming friends that we haven’t met yet.

I know of one widow (found out about this, after the fact), that came into lots of money after her husband died, and little by little, it got spent, by the grandkids, etc. It wasn’t put into anything to make more money, so it eventually ran out.

Know that it’s YOUR money, you can disburse it as YOU see fit. YOU can say no, if you want to, or how much. Take your time, think about the “Big Picture” of what it will do for the person you’re giving it to and how it will effect them. Let’s use this to be a blessing for our lives and all the people we’re meant to touch with it. Let’s love them, and empower them and help themas the best we can with our lives and our resouces!!! Come now RV!!!

HOT STEEMY NEWS UNRAVELING BETH OGLE – a.k.a. "Okie Oil Man"; "Bondlady" and Miskebam – SHOCKING!!!

HAT TIP:    IraqiDinarMoney.com

  • DinarFacts says:

    I have found wonderful information that ties these groups in with many others! I missed it at first, but with the new intel people have been providing me, I’ve got it and it is SHOCKING! I’m confirming one last item and then I’ll post the results!

  • johnny b. says:

    Just another day in dinarland! No one knows what’s really happening because they have all been wrong, every time! Kevin is right, read what Bulldog posts, its all jibberish and all talk about highly favored and blessed, never anything of substance. When someone asks him a pointed question that he doesn’t want to answer he brushes it aside.

    Look at todays post, Bulldog was asked a question about this being ready any moment now since he was reporting for the GET team many months ago and also about if he agrees with the rate of $42.00. His answer is that rates don’t matter, yet he goes on to talk about how high the rate is and continues to talk about the rate constantly in his post. I don’t know if what all of the Intel givers are doing is illegal but I do believe that it improper and unethical to continually give out info that has never been correct and to raise the hopes of so many that are in desperate need of this RV.

    As Okie and Bulldog continually say ” their Intel is ahead of the curve”, well to me it says they are wrong before anyone else is wrong. Please stop the hype and get your egos in check and know that many people hang on to every word you say, because they believe in you. This goes out to all of the Intel providers not just Okie and his site.

  • Kevin says:

    I researched and I am amazed. A con artist never changes. The other name on the OOM chat room or dinarrecaps as well as guru is Bulldog75. He always comes on when Okie makes another mistake and tries to smooth it over. He is the 1st one on recaps I saw this morning. He always makes no sense when he posts and talks gibberish. And always uses Christianity as is fall back. Who is he???? Or is just another name for Okie?? Look at the what he wrote on recaps today.

  • KTF says:

    Oh, it’s illegal and the Internet Crimes Unit is on it now. Beth Ogle can post all the warnings she likes, but doesn’t mean a thing when your running a scheme like this! They will tie it all together, review logs, question people and in the end, you’ll see a big case making the news.

    Go to Oklahoma Business Search, select the advanced search option, then look for the last name of the person or business you’re interested in and you’ll see fantastic intel! Nuff Said!

    Oh man, forgot to add FREELS ENTERPRISE, LLC, uses NV to register businesses as well.

    I think there is a link here between WILLIAM HERZOG and ESTHER SPYRA, anyone got an idea? Flying in low…