Trusts, Hedge Funds and LLCs – Oh My!

Hello our Dinarian Buddies!

This post is a WARNING about these hack gurus, and even some who have recently been investigated by the FBI because of their involvement in selling these Trusts, Hedge Funds, Corporate Entities like LLCs, Off-Shore and any other variation!

In general, almost all of us in the Dinarian Community DO NOT NEED ANY OF THESE!!! Especially before the RV!!!

After the RV, depending on your situation, you may need one of these sophisticated financial vehicles!  But, keep reading, because you may not need any of them at all…

To get started, as a rule of thumb, take Warren Buffet’s advice he personally always follows: “I never invest in something that I don’t understand!

So, ask yourself, why am I investing in a hedge fund, or trust with someone I don’t even really know, just someone who keeps using God’s name in vein and is blasphemously asks for us to believe in him while he is picking our pockets!

Did you know that one of these hack “gurus” recently was busted by the FBI for fraud and taking over $3million Dollars of “Dinarian Investor’s” money in a Continue reading

Bank Packages! We Don't Need No Stinking Bank Packages!

Hello Friends, and a Happy Sunday to you!

Bank PackagesFor some reason this incessant belief about us Dinarians needing Bank Packages just WILL NOT STOP!!!

These hack “gurus” keep trying their best to scare the crap out of those in our community who are either naive or gullible to the way Banks and Proper Financial Planning really works!!!

We suggest that you please WARN YOUR FRIENDS against participating in these Bank Package “SCAMS”!!!

We believe THE ONLY PURPOSE for these hack Gurus to push these so-called “Bank Packages” is to get names, addresses, email, phone numbers, and of course how much Dinar a person owns!!!


Let us answer by asking a simple, common sense question: “how valuable will a database of thousands of new $Millionaires be???

Protect yourself, don’t tell anyone in the Dinarian Community your personal info!

~ Mr. IQD