RANT! Outsider gives Dinar Re(C)raps a Piece of His Mind

Hello Dinarians,

Well, I won’t ask about the “RV” and if it happened today as promised by our communitie’s mental patients….  eh-hem!

So, I got this awesome Rant! by Outsider who always does a great job of speaking his/her mind and this time he/she really lays in to Dinar Re(C)raps (my words, not his/hers).


Well, it will touch a nerve with you, even if you totally disagree, so here we go… Enjoy!

Name or Handle: Outsider
Comment (please see note above): Mr IQD fellow followers,
I know that many of you are watching Those “hack guru,” sights. It’s okay, you can admit it.

I would like to mention That I was surveying the “recaps,” blog site last week, when the guru’s were again spouting off about the rv was mere minutes away from Fruition, AGAIN.

To my surprise, the “recaps,” folks were posting Continue reading